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Injured nurse.......doctor cancelled spine surgery
Lilly Wrote:Hell YES I'm SEEKING DRUGS (good ones too)....It's called unbearable PAIN!!!! What did they think? She wants to tough it out??!! Pain is enjoyable??

Hey Lilly,

ROFLMAO...........i LOVE it--i'm just going to come out with THAT at my next appointment; sure wish I could have come up with that reply at my last quack appointment.....................

wave on with that wand!

"After all, tomorrow is another day." Wishing you a better tomorrow!
I would like to give an update on my friend, the injured nurse.
Her mother & son are visiting this week from out of state providing much needed emotional support.

Today is the day she was scheduled for surgery and will likely be an emotional day for her.

Tomorrow my friend has an appointment with her attorney, her mother also an insurance agent will go with her to the appointment.

Last week I posted after the doctor read her MRI he called her into his office and gave her the news that surgery was off. The nerves in her low spine have fused together from inflamation and she now now has a condition called arachroditis which is progressive. Surgery may leave her paralyzed.

when i head out to pick up my dgt from practice for the school musical today, i'm going early as the weather has sucked big time here today with bad rain, hail and some tornados nearby............anyway, i will wait in the church for her......(catholic school next to the church) and I intend to light a whole bunch of candles...................one will be for your friend and I will add her to the book of intentions for prayers...........hope that's okay!

You are a GOOD friend BTW

"After all, tomorrow is another day." Wishing you a better tomorrow!
Thank you nurse83.
My friend saw her attorney today and he is sending her to a retired neurosurgeon for an evaluation. The wc inssurance co used the same doctor for an IME in December, the IME was in my friends favor.

The attorney wants to make sure the diagnosis is correct.

My friend is on many medications that leaves her very "out-of-it."

Next Monday she will see the ortho that diagnosed her and he will talk to
her about her job, work restrictions, and whether she will be able to work again as a floor nurse.

The attorney encourged my friend to file for social security disability.

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