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as I watched(and cried) my daughter up on statge turning red and shaking from nerves...................I couldnt help but let her short 9 years run thru my brain...from the first moment I layed eyes on this tiny 2 week old baby...(when her Momma handed her to me and walked off not even telling me her name) till now had been a dizzy ride...Here was a throw baby away from a drug and alcohol shemale sitting on a stage with kids 3 and 4 yrs older than her competeing in a spelling bee.....And I wonder if all these children we are warehousing calling their problems alchohol fetal syndrome is just lack of a good and loving encouraging family?
We cut our kids no slack...so what if their bio parents were less than perfect it has no bearing on them.....we expect well behaving children,we expect them to do well in school,we are involved in their lives.....We expect them to excell and they do......all 3 are from a druggie shemale and a alcholic male.....But they are awesome kids they are smart and respectful altho they are so very loud....maybe it is age but they seem so much louder than my other 5....
But the reason I wrote this was the lady at the spelling bee before it started told them if you dont win today it isnt because you arent winners cuz your here you won....But to please concentrate on making today a memory.A memory they could take out and relive and enjoy when they got to be old men and women....so I am asking all of you altho today you hurt and are worring about something....find a memory about today a memory you can take out and enjoy when you are old men and women,weather that be a smile from your child/grandchild or a gentle hug from a friend or just your spouse reaching over and holding your hand as you walk....make a memory everyday....remember jayne loves each and everyone of you if you take no other memory from today remember that one. ok.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne, hug Carrie's neck for me and tell her I am proud of her, please. And when you are done, hug B and tell each other I am proud you are my friends. I will try to call today, but have Dr in Durango and roads are horrible so we will see how I feel when that is over. BTW, am planning more and more on being yer neighbor.

The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
good deal
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

That was such a beautiful post. Your children are so fortunate that you were found to be there for them. I would say they are soooooooooo lucky to have you and your husband. You are such a caring and loving person when it comes to children and so many others. Yesterdays memory will be one of a lifetime and the most wonderful thing is you will have so many more. I know you are proud. Give Carrie a hug for me and tell her how proud we all are of her. Love you!

Cajun Hugssssssssssss,
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Jayne - yes, please give her a big ol hug from a blue monster and tell her how special and smart she is for me Smile

I may also be your neighbor if you let me live in the proposed greenhouse Smile I would take care of your flowers for you and all your puppies too Smile Well, except I ain't gettin' up early and goin' out in the cold to milk the pretty cow, that would still be your job. Monster doesn't do early OR cold, LOL Smile
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

Jayne, that was a beautiful post. I try to appreciate every day that I am given, but I do forget to make each day a memory.
i am still serviving on memeers of tulsa =over look my spelling i cant see today love you all
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

Your children are fortunate to have you and I know you feel as my hubby and I do, we are fortunate that
these children found us.

You and Bill are awesome parents, I saw that in Tulsa and could see how much you love your children.
What a great story Jayne. It's so refreshing to hear good kid stories. I believe every child is a "gift from God", no matter what kind of start they have in life.
Let Go, and Let God......

thank you for posting this.................how blessed are your children-it's evident you are a terrific parent.................i think you are one of those people who make the world a better place so let me say "thank you" for that............

but back to this post--what a wonderful story of what the lady said to the children before the spelling bee--it was excellent advice, not only for those children but for each of us...........................

today was a baaaaaaaaddd day for me and you have no idea how much better i felt as i read this post..............

it is so much easier to count our misfortunes than it is to count our blessings; maybe its because our misfortunes are easier to spot and very difficult to ignore whereas blessings may be pushed aside or lost in the chaos of our everyday lifes........whatever the reason again thank you for this post-it made me stop and make a positive memory from the day....and guess what i had more than one positive when i stopped and thought about it...................

"After all, tomorrow is another day." Wishing you a better tomorrow!

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