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Lyrica users
I don't care for Lyrica because of the side effects I experienced, but everyone has
a different experience and different pain. it is a long term use drug and requires
a "ramping up" dosage as well as a weaning period when you come off it. Only you
can really decide if any potential benefits offset the side effects, but you won't know
unless you try it.
Dark star crashes, pouring it's light into ashes.
swelling, edema, is a contraindication for it's use. Your Dr. will stop it when informed.

capricorn Wrote:

Hi Limbo.....You are always to the rescue. Can't get my Dr. before tomorrow afternoon. I noticed this morning that my hands are really swollen. Can't make a fist and my shoes were tight when I went out. I am assuming I am retaining alot of fluid because of the Lyrica. I also take a diuretic since I have HBP and that's not even draining it. I tried a klonopin last night and it did nothing . Getting only a couple of hours sleep. I didn't take the Lyrica this morning. Going to see IF I sleep tonight. Will keep you posted. ALso I went out yesterday and couldn't remember how to get somewhere that I have gone 1000000's of times. I missed two turns. That scared me a little. That was th eonly side effec t that made me stop taking Cymbalta. I had better pain relief and sleep patterns immediately with Cymbalta. Need to talk to the Dr. about all of this. Will keep you updated.

Cycler ...not sure if you were answering me or not but this thread is almost 2 years old. HAsn't been an issue with me for years.

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