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Recent post by Lilly
Somehow your recent post about your grandpa getting injured and how well he was treated by his employer even though he wasn't injured on the job touched me. It was kind of a reminder of how decently people can treat one another. When your in this mess w/c you can forget about better times. Thank you for posting that story.

Posting again if you don't mind.

As a child i remember my Grandpa worked for a large company in our town. He also had a small farm where he had a few cattle, hogs & chickens, plus extra acres of land where he could raise crops to feed the animals. They butchered their own meat, and collected eggs to feed the family. Well, he broke his leg (badly) not at work, at home. BUT, his work place was so concerned about his welfare, they continued to pay him weekly, sent their own workers to his house to do his daily chores, sent them groceries, and generally took care of his family until he was able to return to work. In fact they gave him an easier job after he went back to work as he limped.
I never saw Lilly's post.

i posted that story because one would be hard pressed to find an employer nowadays, who actually genuinely "cared" about the welfare of one of their employees. This worlds' way of thinking and treatment to others has gone to pot! I will never understand how & why things have changed so much....and NOT for the better. BUT....grandpa didn't have insurance at the factory...that's when the companies took care of their own. IC's were the downfall apparently.
We are amongst bad times and crooked IC's.
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
I recently saw almost the same thing. One of my co-workers sweetest guy you ever wanted to meet. Well about 18 months ago he lost his sight because of diabeties he ended up having surgery. Our contract only allows you to be off for one year so he would have been 6 months short of making his full retirement. He finally got some of his eyesight back but still needed about 3 more months to make full retirement. When it seemed all was lost and he would have to take a medical. The job offered him something he could do within his restrictions and let him finish his 3 months. He just signed his paper this past Wed. and I made him a great big German Chocolate cake!! I have seen my job do some awful things to people but i thank god someone had a heart this time.

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