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Discussion Question for Attorneys
thank you
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Timothy Belt Wrote:Maximum Medical Improvement

SadIf you dont mind me asking,What is MMI?

oh ok i feel pretty stupid,thanks....linda
Everyone has their day,just remember to be honest and the rest should just come natural.
Be Safe,Linda
You shouldn't ever feel stupid to ask a question on here. Comp's confusing and has a language of it's own. Somebody will almost always help out.
we have all been at one time or another in your shoes.......its a stinky pair
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

ksgirl Wrote:I think an information packet would help a lot of injured workers. I know that when I was hurt, I had no idea of my rights and my employer didn't offer me any information. I called the state and they said they couldn't help me unless I had specific questions and the Kansas website is almost worthless. If the employer or the ic would let us know the steps and what to expect things might would go better for the iw.

Many states do have information packets available. In fact, in Florida, the IC is required to send this to the IW within 3 days of notice of an injury.

Kansas has several publications,
Workers Compensation Information for Kansas Employers & Employees
Important Information for Injured Employees (Rev. 04-06)
and also a booklet that explains the litigation process

Don't just look at information for "Employee". Look at any information for employers, medical providers, etc. Sometimes you can find information there that is more detailed than what is in the employee info. Also, if they have any information for adjusters, etc. Look at that.
Kate, thank you for finding this information. I searched for months and didn't find anything like this. I did find the state website, but a novice to wc can't understand the website. I wish Kansas had to give out the booklets. Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to search for wc stuff!
It says a lot that you looked and couldn't find it. It doesn't help much if nobody sees it. Maybe there's a way to require it be given to all injured workers at the beginning. That would be a good law.

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