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State Attorney or Private Attorney?
I used to Drive a Co. Vehicle, and Bad Boy is Absolutely Correct! If Your Husband had been Called or Faxed, or E-Mailed to be Somewhere and the Accident Occurred After the Call, He's on Company Time, therefore He should be Compensated. If on the Way Home, if He should stop at Wal-Mart to Shop, and get Hit in the Parking Lot, on Personal Business, it's Considered His Time, and not Compensable. So if He can Prove that He was Responding to Co. Business, the Appeal should be a Success!! Best of Luck, and Please Keep Us Informed!!Wink
We met with the attorney today and he is 100% sure we will be awarded wc rights. Where can you find an attorney that will do that? It's mostly because he had answered calls that morning before the accident. One more thing we ddn't think about until today was that his co got his work phone/personal belongings out of the truck after the accident and when I went to his office to pick up his belongings they asked if I could give him back his work phone so he would be able to answer any questions about his jobs. This was the day after his accident while he was still in the hospital! Another interesting fact is that their Safety guy was fired last Monday. Interesting because he was the one who told us it was wc and did the claim. Even more interesting because he was supposed to meet the investigator in order to get our claim approved but was fired that morning.

Another question I have is what do attorneys take a % of? Is it just the settlement amount or any back pay as well? Thanks!
I know that God will never give me more than I can handle.
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Attorneys Usually take a Percentage of ANY Monies that they obtain for You, or any Time they Win in a Hearing. My Attorney gets 20% of any and all monies, but I have to Pay NO Expenses, Win or Lose! You will be asked to Sign an Contingency Agreement when You Obtain Counsel, and everything will be Spelled out on there! Best of Luck!!Wink

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