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new member
ok guys i'm new to this so what is wrong with jayne and how do u all get those dancing icons from. Tongue
welcome to the forum ,i dont know how to hunt all that stuff up myself they all have helped me but wanted to welcome you
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Hi.... and WELCOME to the forum...have you been reading for awhile. If you have, you know us better than we know you....I liked your introduction.... as to what is wrong with jayne...if you have been reading you know that she is our forum mother... the only thing to remember is that as a mother her top job is not being a role model...she knows the wood shed better than I ever will.... and she just raises her hands and follows the path to the shed at a moments notice... she is the best by the way....

As for Wink and what he and his alien friends have done with jayne, well that is anyones guess. jayne wanted something and the aliens were going to help her out... not sure why, but she was dancing around excited and ready to go under that knife for what she wanted...

Almost all of us received our avatars courtesy of our Wink. He is great. He found mine and I love it and will never give it up... I believe he colored jaynes green for her...it was orignally brown I think...

Have fun...jump right in on the conversations and just have fun... Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Welcome to our mess! Things get a little nuts around here sometimes, but we are all here for each other. Through thick and thin, ups and downs these are the best people to know.

Jayne thought her alien needed larger tatas, so Wink and his alien friends are going to try to make her some. I am not good at the avatar stuff, but a few others can help you find them and get them on here.

I hope we get to know you and you decide to stay a while. The reason we are here really sucks, but if I had to be injured, I found the best people to be injured with on this site!

Welcome to the forum family.

I have been an injured worker for over 2 years and was lost until I found my forum family.

Bummer Knees
shakeybo Wrote:ok guys i'm new to this so what is wrong with jayne and how do u all get those dancing icons from. Tongue

Hi Shakeybo,

Welcome to this big nutty family we have created with the help of our admin Smile He's a sweetheart and so are all the other people here.

Jayne is hoping to get her alien a nice set of boobies, ROFL...she's tired of not having anything that jiggles when she dances, LOL. Of course her species is not supposed to have boobies but after arriving here on earth she decided she wanted a nice pair of those floppy things, LOL... Smile Not sure why as they will just make her little green alien back hurt all the time Smile

As for avatars, here is a link to the google images search engine...


Using the search box you can type in whatever you are interested in as having for an avatar but here is an example...

"unicorn avatar"

You will come up with all kinds of avatars you can use. Be sure to use the " " marks as this will get you more specified hits and cut down on alot of junk that may not have anything to do with a unicorn, LOL

Welcome to the family!!! Come on in and get your feet wet, LOL Smile
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

Welcome To our little family,,,,,,There are a lot of nice people in here, they have very good and reliable answer,s ,,,,One word of caution,,,, WE do GET a little crazy in the off topic area,,,,,we save the serious stuff for the Injured Worker Forum.
On The Road to Recovery
Hi Bo and welcome to the site. What state are you from? You don't have to tell us, but it helps the smart ones to give you help if they know your state. I'm not very good about answering questions, but I'm a good shoulder to cry on if you need it.

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