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Tpm's neck woes continue
dyplastic segment of the left middle cerebral artery at the junction of the horizontal portion and insular branches without aneurysm or stenosis

What does this mean?

Anyone? Sad
Take Care and Be Well
I tried to look that up. Is it DYS or DY plastic?
stiffnecked Wrote:I tried to look that up. Is it DYS or DY plastic?

Not sure but I keep getting DYS as well

Haven't received any calls from the doc so I'm guessing it can't be to bad

Take Care and Be Well
Hey new to this whole site and wci stuff. While driving for work, I was rear ended by a double trailer semi in 6/06. Had c-4&5 fusion. Had a c-6&7 10 weeks prior to the tractor hitting me in June. Was back to work for 2 weeks! Anyway am currently recouping after surgery in October. Have had the MRA & MRI which basically shows brain movement etc to see if any damage. Like I sd, basic interpretation. I looked it up online. Anyway mine was normal but he ordered that cuz i had concussion from wreck. i have bad arm pain they kept saying was my neck. Turns out right arm pain was from torn tendons from being thrown around like rag doll inside my vehicle. Then the left pain kept saying was from neck, finally got ortho to xray and have rotator cuff damage also from the wreck. I've never had the face pain tho, except after the surgery. Eone fills pain differently. I am currently in PT and don't feel like am making any pogress, went to 10th visit today. However i was in a hard collar for 7 months. I dont understand ,unless its a money reason, they dont give you an MRI of your neck and arm? I dont know this is all confusing to me so sorry cant offer much advice. Good luck to you!!!
I have an attorney and he is educating me as we go. Thought I would come on this board and get more education.
good luck

Well I was seen by my Neurologist yesterday. I told him how I was feeling and the numbness in my arms and face that I've been experiencing. He wanted me to start up PT again but I'm having second thoughts about that seeing as I am working and no doubt get enough exercise, plus I always felt worse after a round of PT.
I am now going to have a MRA (?) and MRI of my brain. Also a vascular test to see if I have any restrictions going through my neck. Not sure what this is all about but I'm open to anything at this point. I see my Neurosurgeon next month for ex rays. Sad

Be well everyone

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