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From tuffy only in Wisconsin!!!!!!
[Image: image0011.jpg]
ROFL...I got that one too but didn't know how to post it here. Like I told Tuffy, now I want a deer puppy too, LOL cause that is adorable Smile My cat would completely freak out over something like that looking in the window.
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I used to work in the admitting/emergency room of a hospital in Estes Park, CO. They had the type doors that would automatically open when someone stepped in front of them.

I was on my 2nd day of work, when the doors opened and I looked up to see who had come in. I just about peed my pants when a GREAT BIG elk pushed his head in the door. Later that day, I happened to look up and out of the window next to my computer and just knew they were going to have to admit me for heart failure. There stood another big danged elk, nose pressed up to the window.

Everyone watching had a big laff over me and my reaction. They were used to the elk, so they never bothered them. And no one had told me about it when I was hired. But elk were prevelant around the town, so much so, that they had the right of way when crossing any road/street, including the main highway through the town. If you failed to yeild to them, and were caught, you would get a ticket and fined $275.00.

I eventually got used to it, and it didn't even phase me when I would have to go out from behond my desk to chase pesky little critters like elk and bunny raggits out the door.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
OMG Angel I think I would have had a heart attack if I seen an elk walking in the door of a hospital,lol. The worst that I had happen was about 17 years ago. I was still married and he, my daughter and I lived in a moblie home on about an acre of ground right beside a creak. Wooded area all around us, and farmland. I would put food in a bowl on the deck for the cat. I was sitting on the steps of the deck and I heard something behind me. I figured that it was the cat eating. I turned around and there was this gigantic momma possum eating the cat food. I couldn't go inside because this thing was beside the door. I bang on the window and my hubby opened the door, I pointed to the possum and ran past it and got inside. My hubby just stood there with the door open watching the momma eat. Then she very slowly waddled down the steps and left. We found out that she had 5 babies near the creak. I still don't like sitting on steps in the dark, lol.
They're so beautiful creatures...so gentle and gracious.....
This reminds me of a story when we lived in Valley View Canada..... about 200 miles north of Edmonton Alberta.... the only thing I will tell about the story is that we all lived in a one room log cabin ... even had well water that had to be brought in etc... we had four windows in this log cabin and the windows were made of visquine... (not sure that I spelled that correctly) which is a thick type of plastic wrap... anyway, one night while I was sleeping... a felt something sticky on my face.. I was turned toward the pot belly stove and light which was in the middle of the cabin... suddenly I woke up to this moose with his head stuck in the visquine window that my bed aligned itself with... ithe moose made this horrible sound and woke up the entire house.... I rolled out to the floor...yes we had a floor... of wood.... then other things happened...but that is the end of my story.... I dislike being around a moose to this day... I hate their cry in the night sounds the most... this was a scary for me at the age of 9 year old.... Red... other than that..the picture is beautiful in terms of the two animals being together...
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