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i got screwed
P & P - Hopefully your checks will continue but just in case I would go to the local welfare office and get the paperwork to fill out. Because you have a baby to feed I would think you would qualify immediately if your checks are stopped. I know it's not something we want to do but we have been paying into the system all this time and if we need then we deserve to have it to fall back on.

I can't help you with the laws but I do think you should do the above so you will have a safety net. I don't know your situation but with a baby I think (don't know for sure) that you would qualify for cash aid as well as food stamps and maybe other things??? Hopefully someone knows more about this and can offer some help. I don't think I could have gone through all this with a child in the house. Please know my prayers are with you.

BTW - if you do go, ask what happens if you apply and don't need it. I just qualified for food stamps and the app asks if you have appplied in the last 6 months (I think it was 6 months)...so I guess what I am saying is ask a worker what happens if you apply now and don't need it. Will it jeopardize any help you might need 2 months from now??? I hope that makes sense, if not PM me and I will try to make sense ASAP.

In my prayers you go
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

PalmTrees, I'm going to try and Answer Your Question as Straight-Forward as I can. If You are going to Court Next Week un prepared, and without Counsel, You are Probably in for a Massacre! You can Bet Your Soul there will be an Attorney there for w/c, armed with these Medical Reports, and knowing the exact Words to Say to the Judge, this is their Work. If You don't Prepare Yourself with an Attorney that knows the w/c System and is Aware of Your Case, I don't See Good Things Happening Here! I'm Sorry to be so Blunt, but I'm trying to Illustrate the Need for you to have Competent Counsel to Help You! This System is not Geared to Help the Injured Worker, it's Geared towards Helping the Employer, and Minimizing i/c Losses! Please find Counsel, and they May be able to Continue Your Hearing allowing them Time to Prepare!! Best of Luck, and I Hope All Goes Well!!Wink
limbo i agree with you 10000% about the lawyer. crazy thing is i have a lawyer and everyone says he is good, but if i don't call him he don't call me. my hearing is next week and he hasn't called me once. i'm positive he got the same ime report as me and he hasn't called me to give me his input on the situation. everytime i call him and i ask him whats going on with my case he tells me as long as my checks are coming and my medical is being paid i don't have anything to worry about. i got injured in june07 and i haven't had a problem with checks are medical "YET". my concern is this ime. everyone is saying i'm injured. the ic doctor, my mri, and 3 doctors i've seen on my own. the only ones saying other wise is the ime and the fce.
PP I would be getting into see the lawyer .. even if you have to sit and wait ...
Palm trees

Some judges also know that these so called IME's are done to try and stop checks. I said so called because they are just that - it's like the final appointment in some states with your treating doctor that puts you at MMI where they don't even check to see how your doing. Raise your arm - yep you can raise it - your all healed - no disability here - you can fly - no restrictions - back to full duty. These were done close to your hearing date probably just for that reason.

Now hopefully your attorney can counter that with all the medical evidence that you already have. Your FCE may show that you can do some work - however, it doesn't show that your not injured - just what your able to do at this point -

Did you take your pain medications prior to doing the FCE? If you did then that could be giving a false reading on the FCE as it tells what you can do while on medications not what you are able to do without your medications. Have you seen the full FCE report and not just the summary report? Have you checked it for any inaccuracies? Trust me there were some in mine - like the fact that my legs went numb after one of the tests or that my arms constant hurt after any test that required repetitive arm movement.

Call your attorney and discuss things with them - normally your attorney will want to discuss things with you about what is going to happen at the hearing and so forth as this will also put you at ease on the day of the hearing.
Even check your local WIC program for people that have a low income. They could possibly pay for your formula and a few other things and help you out for a bit while out of work.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
NOTICE NOTICE!!!!!Palmtreesand parekeets, Go to your local church,,,,they will help you, If you read some of my earlier post,s ,you,ll see I use to volunteer at a local church, I know how this work,s. You WILL NOT WALK AWAY with out the nescities <----( I may have spelled that wrong) that you need.
BELEIVE ME!!!! The Church will never turn anyone away.
IF and only IF, it does not work out, please and I, say please again, let me know, I have made many Influential contacs with the Archdiose of Michigan
to help any one in need. It doesn,t matter if you live in Michigan,as the Archdiose is world wide.
NO one ,and I mean No One should have to go hungry, Espicially in a situation like your,s.
In the meantime please take Limbo,s Advice.
On The Road to Recovery
Palmtrees, I have to Admit, I have a Great Attorney, and I have not had Any Problem having Contact with Him, as a Matter of Fact, I Called His Office the other Day, as the 15th was the Deadline for Both Attorney's legal Briefs to be Sent to the Judge. I called at 1:12p.m to His Office, and He Called Me from His Cell Phone at 1:18p.m!! Once I asked My Attorney How Many Cases He was Personally in Control of, and He told Me He is Either Litigating or Maintaining about 160 Cases, and I told Him in One of Our Conversations that He has to Understand that He May have 160 to Worry About, but I Only Have One, and it Means the World to Me, because He Holds the Fate of My Family in His Hands! I know He doesn't make the Final Decision, but He Surely is in Control of My Case, and getting the Correct Evidence to the Judge in a Manner that they will Take Notice to it! Even Judges only have a Certain Attention Span, and We have to Keep that Attention with Pertinent Facts, the Most Important to Our Case!! Please ask for a Sit Down with Your Attorney before Your Hearing, They May not think this is too Important, but it is To You, it Controls Your Future!! I Think if You get Your Point across to them, they Will Discuss this with You and Ease Your Mind. If not, after this Hearing, You May want to Consider New Counsel!! Best of Luck, and if You decide to go this Route, Please let Me know How it Goes!!Wink

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