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1171 settlement question for GA please
1171 please answer if you would. I am in Georgia and have signed stipulation agreements. There were 2. However, on one there was an exception that was quite important regarding an exception regarding my former employer and my rights regarding future litigation(unrelated claim). However, when I got the stip back from the board, this whole entire page was missing-I called and asked attorney for copies of the complete stips' that I signed in her office(I do have copies) but just wanted her to send them-however have not heard back from her. I specifically referenced the exception.
Also, have ready the GA statutes and from what I understand my PPD benefits are subject to SSDI offset if I ever get it. This was not calculated into my stip-only the amount that I was getting from this stip- Am I going to get a big and basty surprise when and if I get SSDI? Have also been told that once the board has signed off on an order it is set in stone-is this true-and if so, what about the above-if your attorney left out substantial information-that you should have had legitmately before you signed off on all this? Sorry to ramble
Federal Social Security rules require that your payments be offset by whatever additional income you receive from state workers compensation benefits:
"If you receive workers compensation or other public disability benefits and Social Security disability benefits, the total amount of these benefits cannot exceed 80 percent of your average current earnings before you became disabled."
For more information about social security regulations see their website:
or this site can provide additional information
usually a court approved stipulation is difficult to have withdrawn or changed unless it is a mere clerical error -- which this is not. Not knowing or getting bad advice is not a sufficient reason.
If you believe you've gotten bad legal representation and poor service you can report the atty to the local branch of your state bar. In serious cases a malpractice suit can be initiated.

put your complaints in writing to the atty; if it's a large law firm you should also contact one of the leading partners.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Thanks for your reply. Appreciate the links as well.
I am from GA too but I was told that if you have any chance on getting on SSDI that they have to do a set-aside. I was also told that you could not sue your employer unless you could prove negligence. I have been lied to so much though so all of this may be wrong. What exactly are the stipilation forms you are talking about? I have never heard of them. Good luck.

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