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Getting Screwed, can someone help!!!
Good idea Pooh...that was a great post. Also, if you are an ex vet then you could try the VA. They are very good with mental health issues, especially PTSD.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
HI FEAR..... i was dx with PTSD years before being injured. about 3 months after the injuries i had a major flare up. not nice, not pretty to watch and very difficult to get through. i decided not to make it apart of my claim as even though WC caused the flare up my PTSD is not work related and under no circumstances was i going to have my personal life/my past drug through the mud in an open court room. that's my story. in your case if the PTSD is directly related to your injuries, you had no other traumatic events that could have caused it but kept hidden i would take pooh's advise and seek help immediately. it is not a disorder that is cured but can definitely be controlled through counseling. also an experienced WC attorney is needed for your protection. once i told my attorney about the flare up he has protected me and been by my side through all dealings with WC, depos, etc. God be with you, please get help for this.

I have had an attorney for 3 or 4 yrs. now. Every time I have any type of problem like this, he tells me not to worry about it and hangs up. It is like he doesn't want to deal with anything but the wages part of settlement. He is trying to push this through without looking into any of my other issues. I mean it has gotten to the point where I am passing blood, and the lining of my colon every time I go to the damn bathroom. My doctor said this is probably Ulcerative Colitus, and is from stress related to the (PTSD). I have no insurance, and evidently a deadbeat lawyer. Im in Kentucky.
Start the process of finding a new attorney A.S.A.P.! You need medical attention and you need it soon! You don't have time to fool around with an attorney that doesn't care about your health. I wish the Best for You and please keep us informed!!Wink
On this one I have to agree with Still In Limbo.....find another attorney ASAP.  You are having severe medical problems that do need addressing and fast.

I think for the time being until you can get some of this mess straight, Pooh's idea of seeking help at a community mental health clinic would be a good idea.

I can also see where you could have Ulcerative Colitis. It definately may not be a direct result of your injury but you have to consider these things.  First, the stress of your lifestyle and quality as to how your injury has changed your life and second, the stress that you have had endure dealing with WC in getting medical treatment and so forth.

 With all the stress I had I was also diagnosed with Collengeous Colitis which cannot be seen by haveing just a scope.  When doing the scope they had to take tissue samples as this type of colitis can only been seen under a microscope.  It is also called Microscopic Colitis.  So be careful and remember this when you do get medical treatment for this problem.  Some things in this area cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Keep that in mind if they should do a scope and don't take tissue samples.  

Just sharing what my own experience was with my gastro problems caused from stress.  I hope you get some help and fast.  Please take care and if I can share with you anthing else regarding your situation, please ask.  You hang in there!
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