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Those negatively affected by Workers' Comp. Reform
I agree with 1171....I'm suspecting that what you have read and found is only California specific! If we're wrong.....do, please, correct us!! If there's anything I can do on the state level, I will. Although I know my state representative (one of them) personally I would love to speak with him about it, BUT my injury and claim is in another state, which does make a difference. I would love nothing more than to be able to get some reform out there for the IW vs the IC and employers, but it's very difficult to get anyone to listen. When I've been around this representative and asked some questions and began talking about it I always get told, your injury is in another state.....I can't help you. I, of course, remind him that there are IW's in KS as well that could be helped by some reform!!! It's easy for me to be in contact with him because he's a distant relative of mine and we live in small communities. So....if anyone wants to contact a representative from KS...let me know...I'll be more than happy to provide the information you need to get in contact with him!!! He's told me that I can refer anyone to him that I want and I plan on doing it, I just don't want to give him a list of IW's in the state of KS and tell him, "There you go....talk to any one of these....they'll tell you how it really is!" I'm sure you can understand that!
I'm praying for reform....I just don't think it'll come soon enough for any of us to benefit since the wheels of justice seem to grind at a deathly slow pace these days...unless of course we were terrorists, then we'd get our time in fast fashion!!!!!
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1171 Wrote:Looking at the address for the complaint I doubt they would be able to do much if you complain about the reforms to the work comp systems in other states. I suspect this posting only refers to issues with california injured workers. Please correct me if I'm wrong as your original post is not state specific.
You are so right.....boy do I feel silly....I just realized this site is a national/federal site. Unfortunately all laws are state specific so if Bummer Knees is listening....I hope you are in California.
I see you are also from Kansas. Is it okay if I e-mail you?
The recent legislation that became law 7/06 in Kansas was by my local Legislator.
I would like to add a bit of information I hope may help some of you. Most states are constantly going through reform after reform. In Texas it is a real mess and rules flying all over the place.It is difficult to keep up when they change the rules as they play the game. However, be sure and check dates ...Some rules apply only to the injuries after the inception date of the rules. Therefore they may not apply to injuries that predate the change.

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