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lest amount of meds
Hi Born,
Unfortuantely I'm familiar with some of your meds. I take the Tramadol(Ultram) 50mgs. 2@4x's/day for pain. My PM Dr. said that is the highest dose allowed (8 per day). I also take Zanaflex 4mgs. 2@2x's/day and 3@bedtime for the muscle spasms.
Cymbalta 60mgs. once a day for the nerve pain. Lodine 500mgs. 2 once a day for inflammation (NSAID). I take Ambien 10mgs @bedtime for sleep(I still don't sleep well). I have a TENS unit that helps, and the heating pad as well. I also have about 5 additional meds for other health problems not related to pain.

With each of my surgeries, I have been given Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, Darvacet or some type of narcotic pain med. I was told not to use the other pain meds while using the narcotic ones. Once the pain level lowered and I returned to my regular meds, I was told that I could use a Oxycontin for break thru if needed until the script was empty. Everyone reacts differantly to meds. I would suggest calling either your Dr. or pharmacist and asking about taking the meds. together.

Take care and I hope your Dr. can get the right combination of meds. that helps.

borninabarn Wrote:I started out with TIZANIDINE 3 times a day
Then HYDROCODONE AND ALEVE 4 times a day not helping still have
and now prescribed TRAMADOL 50 mg 4 times a day doesnt seem to help either?
Do any of you know about these meds?and can a person take the tramadol and hydrocones at the same time?Nothing they have given me seems to help.Thanks,Born

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