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daughter's update
Well I couldn't stand it I called yesterday to check on my daughter and granddaughter and they are both doing just fine,when we got there the other day they did a UA on my daughter about 5 minutes after she got there and her system was clean,so she has been drug free for about3 and a half weeks, I know it doesn't seem like very long but it is a start.She has counseling sessions from 8am till about 3 pm every day and the baby is in daycare that they provide there,I am going up there this coming weekend to visit.Thanks to all of you for your support and understanding and for hanging in there with me,my daughter is not a bad person, all it takes is to hang out with some bad people and some bad decisions but she is lucky to be getting a second chance,I'll let you know how my visit goes, Halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
Good morning halftrak, I am so happy for you, your daughter, and your grand daughter. The road to recovery is a very tough one, and you all have made it through the first tough few weeks. Eventhough I have not been here, I have been thinking about your daughter and grand daughter. Similiarily, I have been thinking about you. The day you told me about this, I saw the love and concern in your eyes and that was the day that my heart said to pray. This such a tough thing for a mother and grand mother to experience. I am not sure that I could be as strong. Hang in there. Enjoy your visit this weekend. My thoughts are with you. Love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
thanks red, as usual you are are very caring person to reply to my situation and I wish you all the best in your decision concerning your health,Love halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
Halftrak, I'm Very Happy that Your Daughter is doing Well! And You made a Very Good Point, by Saying that Your Daughter is not a Bad Person, She just fell in with the Wrong Crowd! In the Times We Live in Today, it's Very Tough for a Younger Person to Navigate this Upside Down World We live in. And it's Very Easy to Look for Acceptance and fall in with the Wrong Crowd. But I have to Say this, Your Daughter should be Very Proud of Herself, it's Very Easy to become Addicted to Drugs, but it's Very Hard to Realize that a Problem exists, and to be Strong Enough to take Action to Correct it! And You should be Commended for being there for Her, and giving Her the Love and Support She Most Surely Needs Right Now! I Hope and Pray She continues to do Well, and Please Give Her My Best!!!Wink
Still In Limbo, thank you so much, you don't know how much it means to me to have support from so many people on this forum,each day gets better and it helps with you guys pulling for her right along with me.On the way to the re-hab place my daughter and I talked a lot as it was about an hour's drive to where she went.I told her I loved her, but for the last few months I hadn't liked her very much,she understood and said she wanted to start fresh after this stay at re-hab even if it meant moving somewhere else after she gets out, I told her I would help her once she finishes this program but not till everything is over and done with.Only someone that has gone thru this could understand the people that she was hanging out with.I went and found her one time and literally drug her out of a crack house, and had a guy pull a gun on me, at that time I didn't care I just wanted my daughter back.I bluffed my way out of the situation by telling this guy 20 people knew where I was, after I got home I realized how lucky i was that this guy didn't shoot me.I have actually told some of our local cops names and numbers and some of these people are now in jail, including the guy that pulled the gun on me, all this has been done without them knowing my name.Sorry this got to be so long , Just wanted you to know some of the things I wished had never happened but they did.Thanks again for being there Halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
halftrak I know what you are going thu my son left for rehab a few days before christmas I know it is along road ahead of all the family he is a really good place and I feel this is a chance that most people never get he will be there for a year then he will still not come back here they relocate him too live somewhere else but I knoe this to is for the best for this is a small town and all of his running buddys are right here and he will have to turely has to start a new life now he had went from a job witch he lost making 700 to 1000 a week to out stilling copper to get his fix and yet he is a good person will help anyone can and I still have a daughter out there living in the drug world this is the one whos kids im rising and at this point there is nothing I can do to help her for she does not want help I pray someday soon she will I sorry this has got a little long I just wanted you to know you are not alone and how lucy you are she was willing to go for help I will keep you and your family in my prays for God is the only one that can turly help them
I will do one day at a time no more no less
Kentucky, I'm so Sorry to Hear of Your Daughters Situation. There's something I have Not talked about on Here, but I think it May Help if I Discussed it now. There was a Very Dark Point in My Life, when My Business was Faltering Due to My Partner taking $22,000.00 out of Our Account and Squandering it. I was Fighting Very Hard to keep the Co. afloat, and it got the Better of Me. I was up to Drinking a Fifth of Sky Vodka a Day, 7 Days a Week! No One knew I was Drinking, as any good Addict can Tell You, hiding an Addiction makes You a Very Good Actor! Anyway I Hit Bottom, Lost the Business, and almost My Family. Thank God for My Wife, there is Definitely a Set of Wings waiting for Her in Heaven, She stayed by My Side when No One in the World would have Faulted Her for Leaving! My Point to this Post is, Until Your Daughter Hits the Bottom, and Realizes She's there, No One can Help Her! Addiction is a World of it's Own, and when You have been in it, You Hold a Different Perspective when You Fight Your Way Out!! I take My Hat Off to Anyone Fighting to get Over an Addiction, I know the He** I went Through, and I know it's not an Easy Task!! If I can Help ANYONE to Cope through these Times, Please PM Me, and I will do All that I Can!! Bless You All, and Your Loved Ones that are Going Through This!!Wink
so thankful things are looking up for you and THANKFUL i havent had to face this in my life so far
im not as strong as you all
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Kentuckygal and Still In Limbo, you know it makes you wonder about small towns, personally I sometimes think it is worse than big cities, nothing to do so they do the party thing, the town I live in is only about 25,000 people and I know what it is like I grew up here but the drugs in my day were not anything like they have now,Kentuckygal I hope your son does ok, I am sure he will and I hope your daughter will come around,you see my daughter did hit rock bottom even though I wanted her to go to re-hab it was entirely her idea, and she made all the right calls, so there is always hope.Hats off to you Still in limbo,Halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
halftak, your daughter and granddaughter are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this rehab will really help your daughter stay off of the drugs and get her closer to her daughter. Maybe the time they get to spend together will let her realize exactly what she can loose. I have a sister who is a drug addict, many family members who are recovering alcoholics and my husband is an alcoholic. I pray that your daughter will straighten out her life.

kentuckygal, I am so sorry you are having to deal with two children with addiction problems. I pray your sons rehab will help him and that your daughter will soon realize that she needs help. Drug addiction is so horrible for people and our communities.

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