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BURRR Its cold
Sad Coldest nite of the year so far -3 with wind chill of -20, Crabby are you feeling any better????? She has been sick sinse our trip into Chicago. Gail also came down with bronco troubles but feeling alright now. I guess I was lucky.

To all that are suffering with this, Jayne Hubby etc stay warm drinks lots and feel better soon.......
LOL Tuffy, sure is cold. I think I got sick when I seen my Gas Bill. ( I'm taking offers if anyone wants to pay mine, and I will gladly pay theirs) Mines was $623.00.... One month, that's right... LMAO... Then again haing 3 Boilers, 3 Hot Water heaters, and 1 Forced Air Furnace doesn't help much... LMAO... Don't ask... LOL.....
BB, I know what ya mean, The gas Co you have is rated one of the highest in the US. I guess I am lucky here as ours is a co-op out of Wisconsin Mine was this past month 113.00 and that was gas and elec. Now I know why we have so many moving or building in this area. Many work in the Chicago area and commute. LOL no wondering why!!!!!!!
mine is 345 a month.
The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
I think some have the right idea of moving south in the winter months. or permently. And the Gas Companys just keep raising the prices. We will soon have to go back to wood burners and chopping down trees.
No not feeling any better yet...using some Biaxin XL hoping that will help the coughing is actually hurting my sides but I'm sure I'll get there....was freezing last night, went out to start car to make sure it would and let it run for a few minutes....the dogs love it...can't get them back in the house to get warm....I don't get it...LOL....going to lay down for a few minutes....talk at you later...
my electric bill (budget billing)is 149.00 a month year round ,it should go down since we didnt hang lights out this year -hope it does -crab hope you get to feeling better soon hubbie had a head cold and i couldnt stay out of the bathroom so i guess its in the air
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
sweet tooth Wrote:my electric bill (budget billing)is 149.00 a month year round ,it should go down since we didnt hang lights out this year -hope it does -crab hope you get to feeling better soon hubbie had a head cold and i couldnt stay out of the bathroom so i guess its in the air

It just has to be!!!!! I hope your feeling better too....I finally put on a brace around ribs to help with the pain when coughing....I'm tired of holding my sides...ugh...boy it's been a long time since I've had this kindof sinus and congestion!!!! and it's lasting for quite some time already...I think about a month or so....got to get better soon...right? take care of yourselves too....all of you!!!!
Well, i am on automatic refill and just last weekend my husband and I returned home to hear my daughter say the heater did not work. He checked the propane level and it was completely empty!!!! They came right over, ( like they were down the street) and filled it. 1,300.00 later we had heat....Usually ends up costing us 2,700.00 a year when we do not stay home to use the wood stove ( radiant flooring).
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
well those of you that live in hi dollar areas I dont know how you manage....my water bill was 35 dollars and my electric was less than 150 and I am all electric....while we have a fireplace it is for looks not really heat....was looking in paper at farms in the area and found a 2 bedroom log cabin and 40 acres for less than 80 thousand...couse unless you bring your skill there arent many good jobs in area...Chris chris we sure could use a good mechanic around here the one we have has a 2-3 week backlog....and he doesnt do computer work on cars.... shade tree mechanics pop up alot but go down just as quick......and if someone could do applinace repair he could stay really busy.we have to call repairmen out of ft smith 50 miles away then pay mileage as well as the repair bill..while people dont make as much per hour here it sure is cheaper to live.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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