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Starting Physical Therapy
Hi Vickie

My first pt eval showed limited range of motion in the neck when I turn my head and low back, flexion, extension, and to the side.

Nerve pain has increased since the auto accident, foot goes numb when walking.

How often do you replace the pads on your tens unit?
Hi Bummer,

I have forund that my pads last for quite awhile. I wear it to work and most times have it on from 5-7 hours at a time. I only replace the pads when they don't stick well anymore. I have found out from my therapist that I can make them last longer by wiping off the sticky area with a wet cloth before I return them to the package. Make sure you keep the pads in the package and sealed when your not using them, this will keep them from drying out. Did your TENS unit get purchased for you or rented? The company that mine came from was suppossed to mail me pads and leads when I need them. I have gotten them from my PT before because they didn't come. I would roughly estimate that if using 2 pads at a time, they probably last 3-4 weeks. Thsi also depends on the type of pads and unit that you have. The easiest way to know when to change them is if you no longer can feel the stimulating when you turn it up, or when they won't stick to your skin any longer. I hope this helps.

My tens unit has a trial use. If it helps me the auto insurance company will purchase it, already talked to the ins. agent. The manufacture of the tens unit will call me in a week and ask me question about whether the tens unit is helping me.

I used something similar to a tens unit in therapy and it helped so I sure hope this will work.

The nerve pain and weakness in my leg causes problems with me driving and the doctor feels a tens unit will help.

Make sure you DO NOT USE IT WHEN DRIVING!!! I was specifically told this. The leads could seperate and give you a good shock and cause you to have an accident. I do hope you get relief with it.

Take care my friend.
I had my physical therapy eval this morning and I don't understand what has happened.

Did range of motion and all of my measurement were worse with this eval then two weeks ago.
Also my grip in hands is worse. Left is 9, right 18 and should be 60.

The muscles in my neck are not as tight as they were two weeks ago; the therapist felt the back of my neck and said I have a couple of vertebras that may be the problem.

I have two diagnosis, cervical muscle stain with whiplash and myofasciitis,

Never had neck problems before and don't understand any of this.

No MRI yet, X-ray showed mild artho.
Are they going to get you a C-Spine MRI? Sounds as if you need one. I hope you get better soon.
I don't know, will know more Friday when I see the doctor.

I had a different therapist doing the eval today then last time and that does make a difference.

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