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Will my doctor release me to please the insurance company?
Hello there,
My husband has a very good surgeon and has had 5 surgeries in the past 2 years. His doctor has said no use of the injured arm.
The plant where my husband worked has almost shut down entirely. He received a lay-off notice in the mail today. We're afraid the insurance company may push his doctor to release him. Is this likely? Has anyone else had experience in a similar situation?
WC insurance has no bearing on plant shut downs it will continue wether the plant does or not
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Jayne is Absolutely Correct, as Usual. Plant or not, Your Husband is being taken Care of by the i/c, not the Employer unless the Employer is Self-Insured. If that's the Case, and they would go under, Most, if not All States have a Fund Set-Up to handle these Types of Situations. Best of Luck, and Have a Happy New Year!!!Wink
I would be concerned that the IC will put pressure on the doctor to release your husband. If this is a panel doctor and your state allows treatment with a doctor of your own choosing, I would get another doctor ASAP. In PA, if the plant is closed, the IC will try to either obtain an opinion of full recovery or release with restrictions then obtain vocational evidence to support residual earning capacity and modify/suspend benefits. You are correct to be concerned.
I agree with Timothy about the i/c trying to convince the Dr. to change your restrictions, so that you could go back to work. My NCM was explaining her job to me and the various steps we would be taking. She said that we would 1st get the restrictions from the Dr. when he did my MMI. I would be assigned to a new case worker that would help me to find a job with my restrictions. If, however, I could not find a job, she would then go back to my Dr. (who is the Dr. of my choice and not the Co's. Dr.) & ask him to lift some of the restrictions, in order that I could find a job. I questioned why a Dr. would even consder lifting a restriction, if he had just witten it. Obviously he would have thought I needed it, if he originally wrote it. She explained that in most of her cases, once she explains the situation that I am not able to get a job (esspecially people under 50), the Drs. would rather lift some of the restrictions if it meant the pt. would then be considered for employment.

Good luck and I hope this is not the case for your situation.

I agree with the rest Your husband needs to find another doctor ASAP. What my company does is try to find a doctor that will make you MMI and/or QIW once he releases you you are basicly out in the cold and will have to apply for unemployment.
That's their was of getting rid of you.

Good luck

Actually while on restrictions ( light duty) with my employer, i got offered a job within my restrictions at another co. I gave my notice and then was put at MMI. Seeing i accepted a full-time position in my restrictions is when the doctor decided i was at the best i was going to be and was very pleased to put me at MMI.

I was lucky enough to get paid a heck of alot more per hour, but not exactly in the field i loved. Sometimes we have to give up what we love in order to feel better about ourselves and move on. A new career is really not that bad. Plus the money is way better.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%

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