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Do you want a state by state forum?
Most states have specific rules that are not applicable to others. It is necessary and it is a great idea.
it makes great sense but in practice it doesn't work.
at least half of all posters will post in any other forum but their state.
they don't come to this site knowing there is a difference and don't find out until after they have posted.
you might have better luck at getting them "sorted" by moving them after their first post or two but most move on after a couple of posts. the regulars already know what to do and have their profiles updated.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I look more for the injury than the state. Not that I don't read about other injuries. It just helps when you have a certain injury to have the entire group so those with similar injuries can help you. I agree state info helps, but when people post if they would put what state they are in on the post heading it may help. An example would be "PA needs info on back" or "PA IC trouble" etc.
i would like the directness of local info,but ive found interesting topics as is.ya know what they say....if it aint broke..dont fix it!..
collateraldamage5591 Wrote:I found the state by state forum before I came here. There seemed to be very little activity on it and also I feared I would have been easy to locate and monitor due to my injury. There has only been 1 reply to the post I made about 2 months ago. Not much help or support there.Sad Also on this site I have the opportunity to visit with people all over the country and even discovered there are a few just "down the road from here".Smile

Should anyone who posts here worry that undesireable "companies" might be monitoring their messages?
There are 16,000 injuries a day in this country. The odds of someone bothering to surf this board to decipher who you are is too small to calculate.
by the way things look thing are pretty close state to state,no the same but some what close regarding how thing work and if anything it gives others help along this long road.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

I agree with the state by state. Because the laws are different in every state and one might comment about there laws in there state and mislead the injured employee because of the mix up of laws by state. We are confused as it is anything that helps makes things easy to understand is always a plus for the injured worker.
i think its a great idea to have a state to state forum and for the peolpe who want information elswhere can go to the off topic area
Although some people might find it helpful to get information from members in their own states I think it draws too much from the general need. List your state when requesting advice. I don't think it's necessary, plus if you only post a problem on your state site it might not get answered as quickly.

Just my opinion,

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