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can WC insurance Co's be sued
Does anyone know if anybody has ever sued a WC IC for pain and suffering, anguish, stress?
I think if one person would sue one of these co's the rest of them would sit up and take notice. People are constantly being sued for a heck of allot less pain and suffering then some of us have had to go through. These people hold vital medications, surgery and medical tx on a regular basis and no one does anything to them even when it causes others to suffer for much longer and be in much greater pain. If I saw someone fall down and it looked like they were having a heart attack and I didn't offer assistance or call 911 I bet they could come back and sue me for not helping them by getting medical help for them. Or if my dog would bite someone and I didn't attempt to stop the attack I bet I would get sued. I watched Erin Brockovich, probably not spelled correctly, last night and big co's can be sued when people are harmed because of them. I think WC IC cause people pain every day just because they can.
w.c insurance in my state is No fault
So no by going on it I gave the right to sue for pain and suffering away .... Thats why the owner wants w/c .... They dont get sued for as much ...
Well I think it is stupid. They keep telling me they want me to get better so I can go back to work, which is what I want more than anything. But everytime I seem to find something that may help me such as surgery they say NO. If you ask me they are prolonging the inevitable.
I heard that an injured worker sued the w/c insurance company's adjuster
in small claims court an won. I don't know the particulars.
Well I think they all should be sued or something. I wouldn't treat an animal the way we are treated. Actually my animals have better care than some people probably have.
Gayle57 Wrote:I heard that an injured worker sued the w/c insurance company's adjuster
in small claims court an won. I don't know the particulars.
That sounds very interesting. Makes you wonder if the I/C is OK but the adjuster is actually the problem??? I would really like to know what state that was in. It could possibly the Achilles Heal that we have searched for. Anyone with any info at all we need to know about it. PM me if you do not wish to make it public. I have a friend that does legal research for a federal trial attorney and I know she would love to research this one.
Nothing changes when nothing changes
I know with the problems that I have had with wc that when I went to PT that the place I went I was required to sign that I would be responsible for the bill if WC decided not to pay for the bill and I refused to sign for it and required them to get a letter of guarantee from the adjuster that the IC would pay the bill. Which they did. When the IC didn't pay the bill - and I got bills in the mail - I called the PT place and kindly reminded them that the bill was guaranteed by the adjuster (our state makes the person signing the letter personally responsible) so they sent the letters to her personally that if not paid she would be sued - it got paid really quick.
Pooh that might be an Iowa problem ... I always forgot my purse for that same reason ... never carried my i/c card while on w/c
Did you also have the problem with drs saying you are fine .

You know I did - that's why even though my case is finished and settled through the courts I am still finding things wrong with my shoulders. My favorite thing that I heard them saying it was it was just muscle damage and denying me any type of x-rays or MRI's to make sure it wasn't anything more serious. Took 6 months just to get x-rays on the shoulders and then another 4 months for an MRI of the right shoulder and another 3 months after that for the left shoulder. For the back it took guess what 6 months for x-rays and then another 2 months after that for MRI's. But where I am at in OK they told me that they have had several WC claims where they had done PT and the IC didn't pay and the patient was required to pay. That's why I demanded they get a letter from the IC in advance. I never had that problem in IA with the IC not paying for any bills of the doctors that they sent me to.

Even the ortho they sent me to down here required that they pay a certain amount in advance before they would see me because of this TPA's reputation in the state.
Pooh when I first started this .. I called my /ic and first thing she did was check about needing mris pre approved ... Remember everything was sitting in my account. Funny thing was someone else got hurt at work and couldnt be seen until they paid the bill. so I think they paid it .. then it got turned over to w/c only problem im having is trying to get er visits paid .. and the clinic hadnt even sent in pt .. they was waiting to ssee what w/c claim turned out .. but had a letter of denial ...
Yes I totally understand about the we'll try some pt that might do it .
I have lost alot of trust in drs ..
Im still hearing that is this on your insurance I give the denial letter and say Its work related .. if you want to try calling the adjuster .. She doesnt answer her phone its voice mail .. never to retrun calls either ..
Long time ago I asked why she didnt answer the calls she got a little hot with me I said sorry but its my health and I want to get better .

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