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Has anyone else had this problem
I know were talking about wc, but......I had my L5 S1 fusion surgery set-up since Dec. 3 and it was SUPPOSED to be for Dec. 20th, today, but around 3:30 pm yesterday the Neuro doctors nurse called me and said, "They had to take me off the book because the wc rep. would not even return their calls....". How does this happen, I had all of the blood work done and had gotten over the heart attack stage, for what? What is soooo bad is my attorney and the defense counsel were both under the same understanding as myself. No one at either attorney's office knew about this development!!! Even worse....My old pain mgt doctor will not see me because I wanted a second opinion!! My atty and neuro both know about this and act stupid about it!!! I'm at my wits end in pain!!!!! What do I do???? HELP PLEASE! My injury was 6/06.....and I'm in FL.
It's difficult, since you are represented by an attorney, no one will probably want to speak with you directly. You need to start pounding on Mr. Lawyer for some answers. Make him earn his share of your benefits. I am a little confused, as at one point you say your lawyers did not know, and then later say they did know. Was that about two different things? The pain mgt doc not wanting to see you?

As for the delayed surgery, and if Mr. Lawyer doesn't come through, call the insurer directly. Ask for your adjustors supervisor. Call the Florida DWC Employee Asistance Center in Tallahassee the number is 850-413-1610. or the Bureau of Compliance. In Tallahassee the number is 850-413-1609.

Make noise and take names. And find a new Mr. Lawyer.
I know it's Late in the Day Today, but Tomorrow, get ahold of Your Family Dr. and explain Your Situation, and the Pain You are in. If You can't hold Off until then, You May want to go to the ER This Evening. W/C thinks this is a Game, and don't Care about Your Pain or Suffering at this point. Please try and get ahold of Your Dr. Tomorrow though, the Holidays are going to Hit on Monday and Tuesday, and Tomorrow may be Your Only Shot to reach them! Best of Luck, and I Hope Your Holidays aren't too effected by this set-back!! My Opinion though next Wednesday I would Surely be Calling my Attorney to get things moving! Happy Holidays!!Wink
ahhhhhhhhhh now you all know the go ahead done just got lost in the shuffle dont cha know....give em an ER bill for their BS only way to get em back is to cost em money
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

This must be some sort of cruel tactic of insurance companies. My son
was scheduled for this surgery went had the blood work done, his father
had taken off from work to be at hospital, then around 3:00 the afternoon
before the hospital calls and says the insurance company has denied the surgery. The lady from the hospital said she didn't understand because
she had talked to this guy at the insurance company personally and he
had approved the surgery (for the next day) She even had it in her notes
and she told me she kept very acurate note. This guy at the insurance
company claimed he never spoke with her. Anyway my son never got his
surgery until he got fianancial aid from the hospital and got it on his own.
When they went to court months later they were ordered to pay all his
bills including reimbursing the hospital. As of today they haven't paid one
bill. I think doing this they are just playing a cruel waiting game.
Oh the ER thing really makes them mad. My son kept going to the ER for
pain medicine when they would not approve his medicne. After this last
round with them he paid another visit to the ER where they "insisted" an
MRI be done his back was in a lot worse shape but he also got some injection for pain and a new prescription. That bill was sent directly to them
and I bet it is a good one. Ha Ha to them
we are playing their game on their field with their ball......sometimes you gotta bunt
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne & Gayle....Next time those idiots with hold my pain meds....OFF to the ER I Go! Never thought of doing that!
FlWC....good luck at the ER !
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
HEY LILLY..................BASES LOADED........HOMERUN
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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