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power in numbers
if one person says that a certain IME doctor lied about doing tests that he didn't perform or lied about receiving records or x rays it means nothing.

If 10 people are prepared to testify that a certain IME doctor lied, it changes things quite dramatically

At the least, the doctor could be identified to future worker's as a

At best the doctor might be brought to task for his actions and be removed from performing IMEs.

If worker's band together to exchange information, especially within
various states then problem doctors/lawyers/insurers can be identified.

There is power in numbers.
OK it is a fact they have Docs payed by then to say what they want em to....we have docs payed by us to say what we want them to......I know it you know it and the judge knows it......Its an OPINION their OPINION cant do anything about their OPINION.....Their Docs their money their opinion..There are lists out there of "THEIR" docs and "OUR" docs..you are right there is power in numbers and the numbers are OVERWELLMING that WC works for the majority....its not perfect if it was there would be no need for lawyers or judges.......does it need fixing...I think so.....but the people with the power(money) doesnt think so....and since we have no money we have no power.....And the judges know their docs and Our docs are in it for the bucks....so is our lawyers and so is the judge.....Money walks and we stumble.......fuss over
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Deleted by Admin for TOS Violations
you cant just come on here and name names of docs YOU THINK are crooks...or IC's YOU THINK are crooks.whoooooooooooooooooo Admin is gonna be upset you set yourself and him up for libel lawsuits...please dont bring a whole site down just because you dont like this doc....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

They are crooks. The truth is always a defence. Call on them and complain about my words. They know exactly who I am and where I am. I welcome a suit! I will counterclaim and win. It is what I do best.
What crooks like these do is known as "Bad Faith Insurance." It is a whole indurstry unto itself which is made up of employers, adjusters, doctors, finders, lawyers, administrators and politicians willing to do fraud in order to eliminate evade full payment of a workman's compensation claim. In new Hampshire this would be a violation of RSA 281 A:56 (II) and punished as perjury.

They are crooks who deal out suffering on regular people at their weekest moment, they deal in unfounded summary denials, they fill casefiles with only bad medical reports, when only good ones exist, the idea is to trick administrators into allowing them to transfer the the burdion of proof to the claimant; or starve citizen claimants off their claim.
but to put our admin and this site at risk just to make you feel better is wrong ..to put up "I have this doc and his clinic in NH that are unfair IM me and I will give you names is one thing but to put our site and family at risk for a lawsuit is just selfish on your part and NOT what we are about we are about loving and helping each other all we can....we are not about hate in any form.....if you have a site you can put a url up but you are putting our admin in harms way and thats not fair he has done nothing to you and has went out of his way to give us this place where we can HELP not HARM each other....please remove names of doc and clinics and lawyers and firms on the open site it can be harmful to our home...if you are just here to hurt .....if this is what you are about you are not welcome here.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I agree with Jayne. Please read the TOS, and remove incriminating names. We don't want to have any trouble caused for the Admin and this site. As was stated, you can say that people can IM or PM you for the names if interested, but please don't put them in any of your post.
Thank you for understanding this situation.

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