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This will sound VERY strange but...
monster Wrote:I want a baby walrus, LOL. I was up most of the night and channel surfing when I ran across "Growing up Baby." It was on Animal Planet and was about an orphaned walrus pup(?). He was adorable, so lovey wanted to snuggle and give kisses and lay in his caretakers lap Smile Now I want one, LOL!!! Of course I would love a tiger cub and an otter and all kinds of other stuff but he was just so dang cute and playful Smile

Soooo if you could have a wild critter, what would you pick? I know Jayne would have lots of kitties, LOL....

What wild critter would I pick? Wow! Monster, this may sound strange, too! Why? I was surfing the channels, similar to you, and came upon a movie titled, "One Million Years BC". And there was this creature in the movie that I'd love to catch and tame. I think they call them Raquels. Gosh! Talk about wild critters. Yet she was so adorable and cuddly! Now if I could just get this critter to stop throwing axes!

[Image: raquel-welch-031-img.jpg]
lol you guys are to much. I learned a lesson when i first went out on WC. I got so bored i bought 3 chicks and one duck, and also paid for a rhodesian ridgeback to come here from Texas. I learned my lesson that no matter how cute things are, they are alot of work and you have to have time for them. I would think you should look into a virtual pet,,,LOL they sell them at Toys R US.

When i went back to work fulltime, i had to get rid of my dog, and put my chickens on craigs list with the duck. Luckily i got rid of all the animals or noone would have time to feed them today with me being so far away from home each week.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Little UA and I were on here last night while talking on the phone. We both agreed that we would like to own a pair of sugar gliders.


And although not too exotic, one animal that I have wanted since I was a teenie bopper .. a cockatoo. I'd give my right arm (and at this point right foot) to own one.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
I said that I would like a Koala if I could be sure that I would get a tame one. Koala's are a bear, Koala Bear, hehe.

monster Wrote:Monkeys, goats, panthers and a walrus puppy, LOL...what an assortment we are Smile What??? No lions or tigers or bears oh myyyy!!! Yes I'm in one of my moods and it's anyones guess what I might say next Smile Smile

Bummer - I'm afraid to ask, but what ever happened to your monkey and what kind were they??? I saw one at a pet store in Texas once, I can't remember what kind it was but it was very pretty. I haven't seen a walrus puppy in a pet store yet but I sure am lookin' real hard now, LOL Smile Guess I might have to go to the zoo to get one, kind of like a jail break thing...hmmm, I think I need a larger car Smile
I and the boyfriend broke-up and he didn't want the ring back but he wanted the monkeys back.

Broke my heart, I didn't mind breaking-up, but I didn't want to give up my monkeys. To avoid a custody battle I gave up my monkeys.

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