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poor baby
well guys had a fun day my son cut his wrist today on a drinking glass so off to the emergency room we went,3 stitches but all is fine, it is gonna be hard to keep the bandage on him though as he hates anything such as that I think it is a sensory thing that goes with him being autistic,poor little guy never shed a tear,can't say that for this mom though, calm and cool little halftrak got a little freaked out.after all he is still my baby, see ya guys halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
Sure hope he heals fast. Kids are so awsome, I worked with handicaped children years ago and they never ceased to amaze me. With all there problems they were always so loving, Big hugs to your little guy and hope Santa brings him something special.
Sensory Intergration Dysfunction is common with individuals with Autism.

What Halftrak is referring to is the touch issue of sensory. Also some individuals with Autism over or under react to being hur due to Sensory Dysfunction.

Don't remember how many stiches my son had in his leg but he is over sensitive to touch, just a scrape sends him in to orbit.

When my son was hurt the doctor have him a script for tylenol.

Halftrak I am very sorry you about your son.
sorry to hear about you babie (they all are babies right?) i know what you went thru i too spazzzzz out when things go wrong with the family take care it will be fine love ya
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
well we are down to 2 stitches now, he has already pulled one out, I had to re-bandage it, plus actually put some stronger tape over the bandage,he is supposed to keep the stitches till x-mas eve we'll see.thanks for all your comments and well wishes, halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
tell him his Auntie Jayne said leave it be......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


Can I place a bet on the fact that they won't make it til X-mas eve? He sounds like a kid after my own heart - in the fact that he don't like stitches ..... lol

Has sweets says, and I tell my youngest - they are will be our babies no matter how old they get (and my youngest hates that). What else can we do but love them for who they are!!!

Take care of the little guy and hope he has a wonderful Christmas and a safe one at that.

halftrak so sorry to hear of your sons injury. I agree that no matter how old they are, they are always your babies. I still can't beleive that my oldest daughter is now 32 years old. However, she is still my baby... always has been and always will be.... just life I guess....

In terms of the injury... I am a mother who hated to see it happen to my kids, but I love the ER environment and all that is stands for. i love to see beneath the skin....ouch..that is awlful isn't it... just curious I guess... Love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
I hope your son heals quickly. It's a shame that this has happenned to him, so close to Christmas. They sell the little butterfly band aid closures that might help in the place that he took out the stitch and if he takes out more. I'm like you, I had a hard time when my daughter got hurt and needed stitches, I even had difficulty treating the area afterwards, lol, such a wimp I was. I just couldn't bear to hurt her. You and the others are right in the fact that they are always our babies. I have a keychain that my daughter made when she was 9 and we went to Ocean City, it says " I'll always be mom's baby". I treasure that little keychain. I hope the best for your son and for you too.

I had trouble with my son picking at his wound, he would take the dressing, tape & wrap off. Took him to the doctor a couple of days later and put a butterfly band on it.

If the wound starts bleeding again, putting a few drops of teetree oil
on the wound will stop the bleeding (use only after stiches are out)

I know what I went thru with my son after his injury and it was no fun.

Best wishes.

PM me if you have any question or want to chat.

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