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Life on a train absolutely beautiful
AQA Wrote:Crabby, do you by chance have microsoft power point on you computer??

I believe I do...a yes I do 2007 version....don't know much about it tho....
Tuffy Wrote:On my puter it won't even download, Dag Nabbit............

I sent it to you in a email...but wasn't able to copy and move from there to here...you shouldn't have any problem thru the email.....try it there...OK
Hi CRABBY...I down loaded it, but I do think that you would have to have power point program so that you could down load it...it was cute..and informative. Thanks Carol
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Crabby did not get the email I just looked!!!!!!!!! even went back to old one's.
Tuffy Wrote:Crabby did not get the email I just looked!!!!!!!!! even went back to old one's.

let me try sending it again.
After downloading, screen poped up saying I need special software too see it, OH well.............
I agree with Red, you need the power point software program on your computer to be able to view it. I can't do it either, thanks anyhow.


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