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panic attacks ?? anyone
Im updating my aol, so I have a few minutes to post while its downloading.

I get panic attacks really bad in the winter time. Im terrified of snow and ice. My heart starts racing and I have a hard time breathing. This is all due to my injury, I slipped and fell on black ice. Im so afraid of falling again. Thankfully I was off work when the major snow hit this yr. Last yr I called in sick on days when it was icey. It seemed that I had the "flu" once a week for a month or so.

Im hoping the zoloft will take care of this, but wont know til next winter and Im not gonna rush spring and summer.

Its not fun. I dont wish them on anyone. Im sry that you are having them. Hopefully you can get them under control soon.

what,s the diff.between Panic attacks,and anixiety attacks?
I used to get 1 or the other,,,,,but in time they went away.
Last one I got was when I asked my soon to be Wife if she beleived in Sex before marridge?
I should,ve asked her If she beleived in Sex AFTER Marridge..

oooooooooo OK i,ll be serious.
On The Road to Recovery
Grundig- Congrats!! Whens the wedding?
ok I wont take the xanax anymore ... yes w/c doctor knows ... hubby told me that while I was crying and didnt understand Why dr wouldnt take me off work for pain that dr was smirking like dr thought it wasfunny ..... hubby almost .......... him since he knew how bad I hurt ..Ive been on cembalta since sept06 but im not sure if its even helping truthful ..... yes i finally went to got a swrink ..... ive been soooo afraid to talk this outsince I have otherproblems that are none of w/c business ... I didnt feel like anything really got done that day .... i felt like i was at a ime for phsylist ... (swrink)

capricorn Wrote:hi tweety.......i have had PTSD for a long time so am quite familiar with anxiety/panic attacks. about 9 months ago, shortly after being injured the crying started. sometimes there was a reason and sometimes not. the CVS guy could bring the tears on if he just looked at me. i couldn't drive as i would start crying behind the wheel and forget how to drive or where i was going. i agree with limbo that as soon as i put my recovery first and stopped worrying constantly about what the were doing or not doing to me i became much stronger in taking control of my own life. i also agree with tuffy as it sounds like depression and anxiety. i have taken klonopin for years as i can't take any AD's. please don't mix the clonazapen with xanax. they are both benzo's and can hurt more than help if mixed. the cymbalta and one of the benzo's is fine. how long have you been taking cymbalta??? i ask this as some people suffer more anxiety when they first start this type of drug. it takes awhile for it to subside. is your dr. aware of the crying? i also found counseing to help the best for me.

CAP Smile
hi tweety.....thanks for not mixing the 2 benzo's. that always worries me. cymbalta should be giving you refief ny now. maybe another AD is needed????? my crying and depression was strictly WC related but my PTSD is not. PTSD made me more suseptable for the depression to set in but all the same needed to be dealt with. sometimes ittakes more than one counselor to get a good "fit" i only saw a "shrink" twice for meds that i couldn't take so kept going for the talk therapy. phsychiatrists are good for meds but not really for talking through issues, even though you have other emotional issues , still should make no difference in getting help for the WC related anxiety and depression. do you have a pcp??? if so you have have him guide you med wise and to a good counselor. my husband probably would have snapped on the dr. with the smirk. don't slight yourself. it was wrong.

When a WC injury aggravates another condition it is still compensable if claimed but doesn't need to be.

example: i had 8 steroid injections in 8 months. whacked my diabetes and HBP out, my injuries caused a PTSD flare up. i am nt seeking compensation for these issues just the work injuries so even though i had an underlying emotional disorder none of this was brought to court as i am not seeking compensation for any of it, did i make sence???? or confuse you more??? let me know. i swera with all the emotional disorders i have that i have become an expert in this area LOL

be well my friend,
CAP Wink
I undsteand cap im not letting this be part of my claim ... i refuse its just to personal to even go there .Only problem is I was trying to deal with this same problem right before I go hurt ..And was only working 3 days a week trying to deal with it .So if I need to use the 13 weeks pre accident then I have to explain , Since it will lower my average ...
On one hand I say get fixed and more on but on the other side all the stress and bs I want to fight for my rights ..... just not sure if its worrth iit ..
hey tweety....i understand. i also was in counseling for my PTSD when i was injured. being injured made it worse. i could have brought it into the mix but opted not to because i don't want my life being an open book. it doesn't mean you can't still get help. i used my private insurance and due to HIPPA laws it has all remained private. attorney told me it was my call and i didn't like the fact that my whole life could and would have been drug through the mud. he told me if the WC IC ever brought it up he would tell the judge that we were not seeking comppensation for any emotional disorders therefore it is in admissable. help any???


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