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return to driving after brain injury -question
I am a big truck driver who suffered brain injury on the job. Currently things are going well and ive been told by wc that early next year I will have to be taken about 100 miles to a driving instructor who test folks with brain injuries to be sure they are fit to drive a car.
After that Im told the DMV will review my case and decide on returning my CDL driving license.
MY QUESTION - does anyone know anything about the testing or have had it done themselves?
Hi Muttley,

I don't know much about the testing part, maybe they will give you the DMV test by simulator to test your reflexes and motor skills. As far as the DMV I went through something like that. I am a city bus driver and I was trying to get a surgery done that required tests. They found out that I had sleep apnea and REPORTED IT TO DMV they threatened to take my CDL away. I went to an interveiw spoke with someone and answered a lot of questions and basicly that was it. They didn't take my CDL thank goodness. I hope this helps a little and good luck.

The whole DMV review is something im not happy about because they can take thier time. Once they say I have to come in and be tested in a truck then there is 2 month or longer waiting list to take the test. I just hate the thought of extra delays .Im hoping they just have a sit down with me some things can get moving.

by the way rholmes - I work with a guy with the same problem as you....he wrecked his pickup and hasnt returned to work yet....I assume he hasnt been oked yet.
Hey Muttley,

I didn't have to do a drive test, they sent me a letter I had to go down there the guy asked me a lot of questions and that was it. Sorry to hear about your friend but if he is falling asleep while driving it may be for the best that he is not behind the wheel. If I do have sleep apnea it must be a very mild case because I have no problem staying awake but I guess I do snore. If he had an accident because he fell asleep they most likely took his CDL. It didn't take them long at all to send me the notice and give me an appointment I was so scared, but the man was pretty nice and just asked me things like do I be tired during the day, do I dose off while driving and stuff like that. I told him I do work 12 hours aday but while I am on my split i usually take a nap so he felt that was a good enough answer..lol That was about 3 years ago, and since I only have about 10 months left before I will have my whole 23 with the company and can retire I am not going to worry about it I had no intentions on staying past my 23...

Good luck

RH (female)
My Back was Injured 3+ Years ago, and I've had to Renew My Drivers License, (Time was Up, Money Due) and they Never took away My CDL, I still have it, and it Was Re-Newed for 5 More Years! I can't Drive due to the Pain and the Narcotics I'm on, but My License is still in Tact. Did You have an Accident that Caused them to Pull Yours? I'm just Curious, if You don't Mind letting Me Know, if it's Personal, I Understand! Have a Great Day!!Wink
Hey Still,

They didn't take mines but they did say they would if they felt I was a threat to my saftey and the saftey of others. I went to a doctor for a surgery that I wanted and having sleep apnea was one of the reason they would ok it, so I told him I had it right away he said I have to report you to DMV and that's what he did. I had to fight to keep my CDL they did ask about my driving record and if I had any recent accidents but my record was clear.
Still-in-limbo -The wreck was the other guys fault ...he tried to cross the highway I was on and I hit him .
My driving record is good . I have had 2 other accidents before this one both in the tractor trailer and both the other guy was charged. My driving record is good too. I think I got a 1 speeding ticket 9 years ago and ran a red light in my pick up 10 years ago. Other then that they might find 2 scale tickets for being over on axle wieght.
Thanks for the Replies!! I doubt I will Ever get Back behind the Wheel, (The ONLY Job I REALLY LOVED), but there is a Slim chance that if Medical Procedures become Available Some Day, that will Help Me, I May be able to, that's why I Paid to keep them!! Driving a Tractor Trailer Cross Country is, to Me, like being Paid to Be a Tourist!! Sure the Work is Tough, and the Responsibility High, but getting to meet Different people from Different Areas of this Great Country was A True Pleasure to Me! I Hope and Pray Someday I will get that Privilege Back!!Smile

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