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Relieving Disc herniation without surgery
In the local paper I found
The secret to relieving Disc herniation without surgery finally revealed!
A free report has just been recently released that explains in detail about a new FDA cleared medical technology that effectively treats disc herniation without surgery. This super amazing new medical technology has an absolutely 89% success rate and not one documented side effect.
You can call toll free 1-800-653-9193
or go to http://www.disctx.com and they will ask your name and address to send the info to. I have sent for it because I will try just about anything right now to get well. The only worry I have is IC will not approve payment, just because they can.

Hi backache...I believe this is disk decompression and alot of chiroprators do it. I have to say that with my first back injury in '99 a chiro was the one who got me comfortable. I saw her two times a week and once a week went in and had a therapeutic massage done by her girl. Worked wonders for me. I am hoping the Dr. I'm seeing will give me a referrel to a chiro now for all body parts. He can't help me anymore as his PT is doing me more harm than good. I would like to try a chiro again. Even if just for 6-8 weeks. If it doesn't work then I know I have done everything. WIsh you the best.

The Procedure You are Speaking of Backache is Very new, and w/c may not even cover payment of it. And from Speaking to a Few Dr.'s about it, it only Helps those with Very Mild Disc Bulges, and not the More Serious Situations. These Mild Disc Problems usually Cure themselves in a short Period of Time, this just make it a Bit Quicker! I wouldn't even Consider it for a More Serious Spinal Issue, after Speaking to the Dr.'s about it. All they do is Immobilize You, and Stretch Your Spine where the Mild Bulge is, to give it Time to allow the Inflammation to lessen. But with a Serious Spinal Issue, I Fear it could Cause More Problems! Please be Careful, and Research Heavy Before Trying it! I did, and that's why I Won't!!Wink
Yea they did that to me and it was very painful and thats when they sent me to get an MRI. I would suggest an MRI before going there. Thats what the Insurance company should have done in my situtation but it's all about money and MRI's are not cheap.

y I forgot. My husband had this done AFTER his back surgery because he was crooked. They never put him in a brace and after a about a week his torso went to the right and his butt to the left. It was so frightening to think this would be permanent. So this is what was done to straighten him out. He said it was very painful at first but then made him feel so much better. Backache....I think we are all so different and so are out injuries. Just please be careful as Limbo says. Talk to others. Talk to Dr.s . Don't go by everything you read on the internet. Maybe ask you PCP what he thinks. Also my feeling is this. IF I am approved to go to the Chiro i won't go to one I know nwothing about. The one I saw years ago I trust completely. I have severe spinal stenosis in my neck so am really afraid of certain things being done to it. God bless.
Thanks you guys,
I just keep thinking there will be some kind of cure out there and by some miracle I will stumble on it. I truly think if I only had 1 or 2 things going on with this back I would have been much better by now. I will keep searching. Does IC pay for a chiro? That is the only thing I haven't tried yet. I don't want to call my IC person because he is a *******. I go for the myelogram on Wed. hopefully it will show what is going on.

Backache.....My IC paid for my chiro and acupuncture back in '99 and on my employers list of Dr.s they always have a chiro listed. Don't know if it's different in all states but I know they cover it in mine.

I agree with Still on this one!! You must be very careful when ustilizing chiropractors on back injury issues. Especially with this disc decompression therapy. If the herniation isn't very bad then it could possibly relieve the symptoms, but then again time will to. It's just a matter of preference when it comes to this. It would be my opinion that I find out just how severe the herniation is before requesting this. Simply because it it's worse than what it appears on the outside then there could be some severe damage done. I have a back injury as well and there was no way that would have helped! In fact, the "simple" (as they so eloquently describe it) discectomy didnt' help....it's made things worse. When they went in to take care of the herniation they didn't take care of the other issues that was causing the pain. Now, I've settled (my own choice, to get out from under WC's grasp) and it's totally on me. I now require a 2 (possibly 3) level fusion of the area's that were involved. Not pretty I tell ya! It will be 2 years this Jan. that I had the discectomy and now when looking at my films from then and now....everything is worse than it would have been if they had taken care of everything all at once because now, instead of having a disc that is impinged upon, I have no disc at all at that level. I asked my surgeon about doing just this very thing (spinal decompression by a chiro) and he told me that if I were to try this that it would come down to me being in a wheel chair that it won't help. He's a fan of the decompression and has used it on some of his patients, but for me...it simply would do no good, only harm.
Please, if you consider this....speak with a spinal specialist before plunging in to this treatment!! It might save you in the long run. I absolutely understand not wanting to have back surgery, I'm a nurse and fought it when it was first suggested. Now, I don't really have a chance...if I want to continue being a nurse!
Think seriously about a plan of action before requesting this. Speak also with your WC IC, they may not approve it. Some will, some won't. Same with private insurances.
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!! Also, might I ask where your herniation is? Just curious.
Punk   :0)
"If I were any better....I'd only be half as good as you!!"

Punk..well done. Maybe I should have been clearer. When I saw a chiro in '99 my MRI showed 2 herniations that were rather small. After 6 injections, lots of PT and work hardening PT i still couldn't walk right. Had a myelogram and was told didn'[t need surgery. Saw the Chiro and returned to work shortly after until my next 2 (different disks) herniations in '04. Returned to work 2 months later. The chiro I saw in '99 would not touch any other part of my body without proper testing done so I had an MRI of my neck before any adjustments were done. This time around I hope to walk in there and be treated on at least 4 of the injured body parts. I have MRI's showing what damage is there. I don't even know if the PM DR> will give me the referrel or if the chiro will treat me. I would like to be evaluated though because I have gotten no better in 19 months. PT has made me worse other than aquatics and this PM DR> doesn't have the facility for it. I am at the end of the road. I need no further surgeries and feel I can be at least a little better than what I am. Being out of PT for a week has helped a little so I would like some answers from the Dr. on Wed. as to what is next. I have never done PT or seen a chiro without proper testing first to see what's going on in there.


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