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ER Visit
Hi All:
I went to the ER on 11/29/07 with a severe neck & migraine. I woke up around 4 a.m. with my neck in horrible pain. I couldn't move it at all, so I got in the shower hoping the hot water would loosen it. NOT! I crawled back to bed after taking a Norco and prayed to fall asleep. I fell asleep for 2 hours and woke up thinking is this the way its going to be forever? I still couldn't move my neck and when I tried my head hurt that much more...I finally gave in. I had my son call the Pain Doc office...hmmmm...answering machine with 10 seconds to leave a message. He left 4 messages on that machine. To this day no one has called. We also called the surgeons office left 2 messages. Finally, I gave in and said, "Please take me to the ER." No sooner did we leave for the ER did the srugeon call and said "You are doing the right thing in going to the ER." Once at the ER, several people were there with the Flu, they had to wear masks were the triage nurse orders.(she was kind of rude about it) I gave the nurse my slip (you have to write on a piece of paper why you are there)
1st question : why are you here? (severe neck pain & headache migraine.)
2nd question: Are you a pain clinic patient? (uh yes I am)
3rd question: Who sent you here? (my surgeon)
Then she said go back to the waiting area and wait, wait and wait...2 1/2 hours later I got called in...
The doctor took one look and said, "You need morphine/pheregan. I will call your surgeon, be right back."
The nurse came in with her wonder needle with "happy meds" hurt like hell but who cares when it will give me some relief.
The doctor came back and said the surgeon wants me to be in a collar until 12/06 and bed rest. Oh joy! I have plans...decorate a tree, some christmas shopping for my son and his birthday presents.

The surgeon called the next morning and asked how I was and to stay in the collar until 12/06, no xrays we will be talking about things, by the way, you need to get use to this kind of pain"...I guess this means we will be discussing surgery again...oh joy!

So I am taking the rest of the week nice & easy...I will be coming on to check in...Big Grin
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Babe - I am so sorry to hear this. I understand how you feel, have been living with it for 3 1/2 years. Never know when my neck will get stuck along with right arm as well, not to mention the migraines. The ER here now seems to think I am drug seeking....

Glad you were able to get some help and if the surgery will help and you are comfortable with it then I hope it will be approved. I'd have surgery in a heartbeat to try and get rid of this crap if they would ever approve it.

Take care, rest well and stay in that collar.

Gentle hugs,
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I am sorry you are in so much pain.

Last Feb. the day before my right knee surgery I was having shooting pain up my back and neck.....no fun.
I can feel your pain....I hope the collar does some good for you and the medications....I know you had plans....can your son start decorating it while you supervise?....I know you want to participate, but that would be the next best thing...get yourself all comfy on the couch and tell him where you want the ornaments...it might be just as rewarding.....for him too!!!! maybe for his birthday you can write out I.O.U's for when you're up to shopping or going out...I hope you feel better soon..!!!!
Babe...I am so sorry about your pain. I know that it is awlful to have this kind of pain and it is very difficult to sleep. I glad that the ER was helpful even if it did take a long time to get the help... this is such a busy month for everyone with Christmas and all..I hope all is fine soon..love Red
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Hi Babe,
I hope you are now feeling better after the pain meds kicked in. That is too bad about the collar thing. I am told that if I have the surgery I need, I too will be in a collar for at least 3 weeks. Ugh! Well, at least your surgeon and PM doc had answering machines. Mine just give a message saying the office hours, and if this is an emergency call 9-1-1.

ER is no fun either. Take care of yourself and don' overdo with the decorating.
Let Go, and Let God......

Babe....I hope you're feeling better. What's next??? I know those cervical headaches are horrible. Prayers!

Oh Babe...i'm so sorry such pain is consuming you! I'm glad at least the ER (once they got around to it) gave you something so you could get relief! Wearing a Collar for a while does not sound fun at all.
I want to remind you, even though it's Christmas season....the world will not come to an end if you don't get your tree or decorations up. If you have no one to do it for you...simplify this year, skip it entirely! No sense in getting worked up over decorating your house...you don't need the added stress.
Prayer for you Babe, LillySmile
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