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Crabby,I found it!
If you go to you tube,the song is under : Shirley Ellis-The Name Game
bethsha211 Wrote:If you go to you tube,the song is under : Shirley Ellis-The Name Game

I found it there when you gave me the "name game"....great minds think alike don't we!!!!! still can't remember the words tho.....even when I listen to it.....LOL
Shirley Shirley bo burley
Banana fana fo firley
Fe fi fo firley

Lincoln Lincoln bo bincoln
Banana fana fo fincoln
Fe fi fo fincoln

C'mon everybody, YEAH!
I said let's play a game
I betcha I can make a rhyme
Out of anybody's name.

The first letter of the name
I'll treat it like it wasn't there
But if a "B" or an "F" ever will appear
Then I say a fo and a fi and I say the name
Banana fano and fo
And then i say the name again

And I say the name again
With an "M" this time
There isn't a name
That I can't rhyme.

Arnold Arnold bo barnold
Banana fano fo farnold
Fe fi mo marnold

But if the first two letters
Are ever the same
Drop them both
And say the name

Like Bob, Bob drop the "B" spells ob
or Fran, Fran drop the "f" spells ran
or Mary, Mary drop the "M" spells ary
That's the only rule that is contrary.

Now let's say Divi, Divi!
Now Divi with a "B", Bivi!
Then banana fana fo, banana fana fo!
Then you say the name again with an "F", very plain, Fivi!
Fe fi then mo, and fe fi then mo
Then you say the name again with an "M" this time, Mivi!

And there isn't any name that I can't rhyme
Now do Divi!

Divi Divi bo bivi
Banana fana fo fivi
Fe fi mo mivi

Let's do Marsha
Marsha Marsha bo barsha
Banana fana fo farsha
Fe fi mo marsha

A little trick with Dick
Dick Dick bo bick
Banana fana fo fick
Fe fi mo mick
Nothing changes when nothing changes
You go guy!
how did you find the words to songs? that I haven't been able to do yet!!!! let me know
Crabby,just put in the Name Game lyrics and a website will pop up .You can find any song's lyrics that way Big Grin
thanks for the tip....I was searching like crazy last night....finally found the one I posted...but hard to find the others....keep playing songs but no words....I thought I was gonna have to do a Whoopi as in the movie Jumpin jack flash play, write and rewind...I could have been here for days and no one would know LOL
Crabby,you have got me laughing way down in Texas!
so glad to hear that, I love to make people laugh....
missunderstood lyrics

Nothing changes when nothing changes

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