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car accident during business hours
Post: #1 Car accident during Business Hours.

hello .. Hope this will work ..I had an accident on monday 11/26/07 on my way back to the office after i delivered some materials for my work I got into an accident. i hit the car infornt of me by accident. Who's insurance should I used? on top of it my boss wants me to pay for the damage on his car as well as the other party. does he have a rights to ask me a payment? isn't it it should cover by his insurance because it is a business car and during business hours. and also he wont give my paycheck . I quit my job after accusing me that i did not break and said that i have to pay for every damages on both cars. can i sue him for not giving my check to me?
my boss also said that I am not his responsibility because i hit someone, he said only if i got hit thats the only time he will responsible. please someone help? should i go and file a claim? and get a lawyer?
you were working .....their insurance...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

but they wont give my paycheck..they said i have to fix their car that cost $ 1000 and they said the insurance in the car is expired so they cant use theirs. what can you advised should i get a lawyer?
did you get hurt? file a police report and theft of paycheck....that they let their insurance expire is their problem not yours........I would explain all to the local police dept and see what they.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

also file a report with the local labor board about them refusing to pay you your wages that you earned
I actually dont even know . so far my neck hurts , i was just worried that they I will get in trouble and worried that I wont be able to get my check. I called him nicely and ask for it all he said is fix his car and hang up..
what local labor board? what is the name ..i live in Los angeles CAlifornia ? where can i find them?
call the police for a police report number on the accident have the police go visit him about the insurance and ask about your paycheck.....the labor board should be in the yellow pages or google los angeles calif labor board
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

For one, It is illegal in most states to drive without insurance, and if your employer knew that it had lapsed, he had no right to let you drive his car in the first place and it could come back on him.
I also do not think he can hold your paycheck! I would do as the others have suggested and check with the labor board or you could try calling a labor attorney and asking that question. Good luck
the labor board can usually be found by going through the local unemployment agency and doing the report there. Also if your neck is hurting you should get it checked out as well. You will need to see if they have WC insurance and make sure that you file a claim for it.

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