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Can I contact WC IC myself?
Definately call workmans comp. I called and found out this shadey lawyer
had not evened filed as representing my son! He was in the process of
making an out of court settlement with the lawyer of the insurance company. Believe me that was not pretty! Remember these lawyers all
know each other and they all want to make money no matter who they
hurt. Know your rights. Look out for yourself.
Well sofar i have had no need for a lawyer. It has been a year since my injury in Jan. I am in good with the adjuster for the insurance co. and he was only late once with my payment when he went on vacation. That upset me of course. But when he got back, he mailed 3 of my request for mileage reimbursement all at once.

He also sent my letter of approval right away signed to the doctor that was to do the PIR rating. Just last month, i was getting my prescriptions and one of the pain meds was not ready. It is 150 miles round trip and i got upset and billed them the mileage to go back to get them because they had not been approved. Just yesterday i went to pick up some scripts i had and he put a automatic approval on all my meds now.....sometimes there is ways to fight back. After playing games for almost a year, i am finally catching on.

I hope you are also charging mileage for the doctors and pharmacy. Good luck, and remember, sometimes the friends we thought we had at work, are no longer. Everyone i worked with was concerned in the beginning, now i never hear from them. If they do not see your injury, they think your a fake. Oh well, life goes on, and so have I. To a much better job..LOL
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
I do not know what your state laws are but I do know that if you have
been awarded lifetime medical and have approved surgery (whether they
have paid it or not) they should be paying you. Call w/c and speak to
someone in ombundsman they can answer you questions. Do not stress
over bills they will always be here You concentrate on recovery. I take care
of much of my son's business because he can not even sit for very long
and is in acute pain 24/7 I just found out that the insurance company
has not even paid off the physical therapist from early 2006 and has a
balance of over $7,000.00 The surgery has not been paid for at all!
And this insurance company was ordered to pay these bills. But they are
never late on his checks. They refused to pay him until after the hearing
when he was given liftime medical, rehabilitation etc. After that hearing
the back payments came, reimbursement for mileage, and now the regular
weekly pay checks. Why because if they don't send him the checks they
can get into a lot of trouble! That is the only reason. So cheer up!
Think positive. And get well!!

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