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Health Ins Won't Pay If Cash Settlement
I have a wc claim on my knees only. I do have personal health insurance and they are paying for my back ( S1 radiculopothy, L5-S1 anular tear with grade 4 disc disruption, L4-L5 anular tears & disc disruption)

I called my health insurance today and spoke with them about work comp regarding my knee and learned something new.

I have always been told health insurance will not cover my knees ever because of having a wc claim.

What I learned was if I recieve a cash settlement then my health insurance will never pay for future medical treatment for my knees after settlement.

If I do not get a cash settlement then health insurance will pay for future medical treatment on my knees once my case is closed.

Thought I would share and this is in Kansas,

Hi BK....I beleive it's the same in my state. Once WC has accepted and paid on a claim no other insurance will pay for anything. My understanding of it is that IF WC pays anything on the claim not just a lump sum settlement that no personal health insurance will pay on it in the future. We all have to be very careful with the wording. It's confusing. For instance, the IC denied my claim. The Judge decided in my favor 14 months later. The IC is paying me as well as my medical right now. I have no idea what 6-12 months down the road will bring. I have permanent injuries, my employer (even though I am still not terminated) does not want me back in my position knowing I can't do it. I have 3 Dr.s that testified that I can't do it, and in my mind and heart I know I can't. BUT that doesn't mean the IC will ever offer me a lump sum settlement. Probably but there are no definites here. I don't know what I will do if they don't.

I will be visiting with my attorney this week and will ask him about the role of health insurance after an injured worker has settled their claim.

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