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What should I do, already being screwed
10 days inot it and I'm already being yanked around.

I hurt so freaking bad i just wanna die, yet I can't get any help

I went to er with in 30 minutes of the injury nov 10, they gave me flexiril and vicoden es told to follow up with fam doc. in 3 days. on the 12 i follow up with fam doc, after i'm there i find out fam doc doesn't do work mand comp so her PA gives me a note for 2 weeks off.

I'm out of meds and in more pain today then the day i hurt myself.

I cll fam doc, no appointments avail and no one want to do WC, so I call different doc, they wont take me because I was seen by fam doc.

I call work, work says, I still dont have note from doc, I said hubby dropped it off monday, oh she says, maybe it is my mail box, I haven't checked yet, ( how freaking nice is that) i tell boss, i hurt, i'm out of meds and no one will see me, can you send me to your WC doc. She says to me............what does the note say, I tell her it says 2 weeks off, she asks does it say to follow up with a doc, I said no, what am I supoossed to do, she said you come to work monday, I started to cry, i can't work, just because the note says two weeks off doesn't mean i'm gonna be all better in 2 weeks, i hurt more today than last week, i'm out of meds. she says............come to work monday and then we will send you to our doc.

so i have to wait 6 days, maybe get worse from lack of treatment and have no pain meds.

what do i do, can I go to ER, should I?

what if this is a bad injury and waiting will make it even worse.

how do you get through the pain with out medicastions?

I hurt my back, was told is was a strain, I have since developed a shooting pain down my leg, my neck is stiff, my arm is numbs and the place beneath my shoulder blad is buring so bad i mayb jump off the roof . my numb arm also aches so bad, deep inside.

what do i do , how can they not care,

if this injury gets worse for lack of treatment wouldn't i have some kind of law suit on top of WC?

the boss said I was being premature because the two weeks weren't up yet, well fine, ok, maybe i will be better by monday but what about my meds, they only gave me enough for one week and now they are gone and I can't more.

does anyhone have any advice or suggestions.
for give the typos i'm huring and upset

this was a lifitng inury and the patient started to fall so I yanked and jerked and twisted to keep her fromthe floor, she weighed around 275, I live in michigan.
wow she is big
mj the same happen to me lady weigh little more have u had mri done it has been 7 mouth now by dr still wont let me go to work w/c has cut me off as of the week im still in pain id say if your are in that much pain go to er or your work has to seen you to a dr that works thou them call in the morin and tell them u need to see someone as for pain have ypu tried ice and then heat swicth every 30 min heating pad is mans best friend try the pain patch you can get at wal mart or drug store maybe musle rub best of luck hope u fine releive
I will do one day at a time no more no less
You could go to the ER and tell them you hurt yourself at work and your situation. They could send the bill and document it as WC. When you do go into work Monday, go to their doctor they chose. Tell the doc your situation and how you are put out of work for two weeks etc. You should be in their hands after that. I wish you luck.[/b]
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Thanks guys, I was so upset and hurt yesterday. My brother had some pain meds and some muscle relasers and husbandguy did a wondeful massage with some deep heat stufff so I found relief. being home alone all day with no one to help and then pain escalates to that level is enough to make you just crumple.

I spoke tomy cousin who used to work for MetLife and they handled WC for GM, she told me my boss was out of line that after 10 days I am free to seek medical care from anyone I choose. and I am also free to seek medical help anytime I choose.

the trick now, to get another doc to see me.

if you're interested i will let you know how i make out with getting a new doc.
Yes your boss is out of line. You have a note for 2 weeks off if you do not see a doctor during that time and get another note to extend that time then you would be expected to report back to work. If you are not getting better you need to seek treatment. If you still need pain medication and you will run out you should contact the doctor's office and request a refill. Chances are they will say you have to be seen. Since your doctor does not do WC I think I would ask them to refer me to one who does. At this point you need to become very proactive in pursuing treatment and benefits. Go to your state's website and read and learn everything you can. This is the link to their site: Michigan Worker's Compensation
thanks, I found a doc who would take me, actually the same doc who did the pre employment physical. The boss approved the visit, approved the brace for my arm/shoulder I walked out with someone who cared, a handful of scripts, another note for more time off work, and enough dang pills to kill 6 elephants. and a referal for PT

seems in the course of my accident I ripped up my shoulder muscles which extend a good del of theway down my back. he says what I describe and what he is seeing would equate to someone trying to rip my arm off my body.

feels like it.

he said my lower back is healing good and the shooting pian should stop once i start PT, he thinks it is the result of spasms that are being agrivated by me holding body at a weird position and not moving proper. he said the muscles that go down my back and attach at the shoulder are the main problem.

he said I would probably not go back to work for at least 4 to 6 more weeks.

I told the gal at the brace shop my woes about my boss and when she got off the phone with the whitch she gave me the name, address and claim number for my WC info. At least now when I feel more informed, more cared about and the brace actually helped with the burning, which was going to drive me totally insane and nearly suicidal. he said the burning was due to the weight of arm pulling the torn muscles which is why I was holding it weird. I never would hve thought of the shoulder effecting the middle back but it does.

thank you all for listening.

I wish you all well, and to those who celebrate, a Happy thanksgiving.
I am so glad to see someone is helping you. Now the thing is to relax and not overdo yourself. Sometimes meds make you feel you can do anything. Just don't!!! Now that you have 4 to 6 weeks off, take time to heal. Be easy with the things you do at home, and go to your therapy sessions. They do you a world of good. Best of luck, and Happy Thanksgiving.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%

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