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Judge takes whos side???Normally
I had an IME months ago with a WC doctor that spent 5 minutes with me.Asking 4 min. worth of questions and lifted each of my legs once.Then went away with the case worker and spent 30 minutes?My other IME I had done was with a real doctor.She spent 30-45 minutes doing testing on me and came up with 10% body as a whole body.Do the WC judges at the hearings Know who these paid off Quacks really are??The last time I looked up their DR.P from Ia.He had been addicted to illegal drugs and lost his papers to be a doctor?The Defense has offerd me a closed case file of $25000.The original with Industrial whole body worth settlement is $97000.We have 3 weeks before the hearing.What would you do?Hang in for another offer or 2 or go to hearing and hope the WC Judge doesnt side with the Quack?? and loose everything??Those of you that know these things let me know what you would do or have done.Thanks!
Born do you have a lawyer? Judges are not stupid.....I didnt like what was being offered so we (my lawyer)went to court the judge ordered a IME with HER doc...this doc ordered several test to include a discogram and found 4 more discs bad....so in my case going to court helped....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I would take the Chance with the Judge on this One! The Judge knows who is Credible and who isn't, they do this Every Day, and usually know the Good from the Bad. I'm in a kind of Situation as Yours right Now, and Next week I am letting the Judge decide, so I'm not Suggesting something I wouldn't do Myself! Best of Luck, and I Hope All Goes Well!!Wink
I may just be jaded, but I believe that the medical is more of a formality then a deciding factor. I think most judges listen to the injured worker, and if they believe them they list the evidence in their decision that supports that position. Likewise, if they do not believe them, they find the other evidence more credible. You need the evidence for the judge to hang his hat on, but it is the testimony of the injured worker that really matters.

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