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What should i except from a Mandatory Settlement Conf.?
I just got the letter in the mail today for a Mandatory Settlement Conf,

What should i expect from this.

Also, how many people on workerscomp have actually fought to keep their jobs and won? if so was it hard and do you now regret it, or was it worth it.

Thanks in advance
Thanks for all the help.
this might help

Please do not take this as an endorsement for the atty or the firm he works for. Even though the information provided is a couple years old and each WCAB has it's own style of working, it's basically accurate.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

I am not sure if your question applies to me about fighting for your job. But right now I am in the process of fighting for mines I had to have my attorney depo the AME that said I could no longer work for that company. Once depoed he changed his whole story and did a reexam and is suppose to be releasing me back to work. In my case it is worth it because when I return I will have only about 10 months to retire with my full benifits. Other then that I would have said the heck with it. Come to find out the AME had almost been tricked into taking me off work because he stated in his report that he could not give a full report until all my results were in, but someone called him and asked him based on my 10 year old reports could I keep working and he said no. He didn't know I had been working all this time. So I think that is really what saved me I just happened to hurt my foot so I had been off for a couple of months, but that had nothing to do with the AME, because when I saw him I had not yyet injuried my foot.

Good luck on your hearing.


Thanks 1171. Great site, very explanatory.


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