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Help needed with discogram report
I recieved my dicsogram report today.

Part of it I do not understand, would anyone be able to translate for me.

The following comes from the bottom of the first page:

It appeats that her pain is probably coming froom the L5-S1 although she does not meet the strict citeria for discogenic pain. Thr radicular pain might be secondary to chemical radiculities from a "leaky" disc since epidural spread was noted with contrast at L4 L5 during discography. The patient was discharged home in stable condition with followup instructions.

The information comes from the followup CT

L3-L4 - Epidural spread was seen secondary to a more asudial level.

L4-L5 - A degenerative grade 3 pattern was evident with epidural spread.

L5-S1 - Contrast was noted within nucleus pulposus. A left posterior annular disruption was noted with marked circumferential spread of contrast within the annulus.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and any help that may be given.

Bummer Knees
Bummer - I'm sorry I can't help you but I was thinking you might want to post this in the "ask the expert" site as well. Just copy and paste so you don't have to do all that typing again.

I know someone will be along to help shortly.
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monster that is a great suggestion becasue I am sure that they could answer this much better. Bummer, from what I am reading it sounds like you have a side effect from the steriod shots you recieved in the L3 - 5. The epidural spread I believe is like when I put an IV in someones vein but the needle peices the vein and i go through to the other side resulting in some leakage of fluid. THe 2 and 3 are a grade of some sort not quit sure what..but I believe it can go to 5. I am really just trying to draw from some memory. THe necleus is always the brain of any molecule so it is talking about a area of the disc that is called the nucleus pulposus.. then it referrs to the left posterior (back side of the disc) annular disruption. I believe they are saying that the contrast got in to the disc from some area, but not sure. It also could be sayign that their is a herniation there, not quit sure. Mostly I believe that you are having some degerative changes with a side of effect of the shots you had etc. I hope this helps some. I would do what monster suggested and post this question on the other forum.. you will mostlikely get some real firm answers...love Red
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The word discogenic means caused by derangement of an intervertebral disk.
chemical pertains to a substance composed of chemical elements
radiculitis , this is the only word I found close, is inflammation of a spinal nerve root, especially of the portion of the root that lies between the spinal cord and the spinal canal
epidural means situated upon or outside the dura matter.
Perhaps knowing what the words mean may help. I wish they would put things in laymans terms, so those of us who are not Dr's could read our own reports and make sense of them.
Hi Bummer1 I have not had a Discogram Yet, I wish I could answer your Questions, but I know Very little about that Process! I Hope You weren't too Uncomfortable through the Test, I Hear it can at times be Pretty Painful! I Hope You get Your Answers Soon, and Have a Great Evening!!Wink
Thanks Still

I saw my family doctor and obtained the epidural and discogram reports from him.

He wrote a script for a tens unit and to start physical therapy.

I go to court the 29th of this month to obtain medical treatment for my knees (again) & back. We decided to wait unitl after court before starting any more treatment.

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