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epidural shot canceled due to IC not responding
CRABBY Wrote:All for them, none for you....same game different players....You know what really irks me, is that we do all that we are suppose to do, follow the rules and reg that they have set up...and yet something as simple as getting a darn prescription is a hurry up and wait game...you have to call your attorney and then he has to file petitions...yada yada...this is just so ridiculous...I wish there was something else I could say but I'm in the same boat as you without a life preserver...we keep running into those darn brick walls.....I don't know about you guys, but I get such headaches from trying to figure out who to call next... or what to do next....it's such a runaround......I'm sorry I'm just really tired right now and fed up with the fight....we don't seem to have any options at all....and no-one listens or cares, and the ones in the positions to help have the attitude " that won't happen to me" ...I'm at a point where I don't care anymore...I'm think I'm gonna throw in the towel...they can have it all if it means that much to them...I just don't have the fight in me anylonger....

CRABBY you know we can not give up. No matter what they do to us we can't give up. That's what they want us to do. I really think it is like they have meetings in the ic's office on how and who to work on to get you so feed up you just walk away and end it all, so there profit margins grow even higher. You know God forbid i can't last the ic out and do become homeless i could care less what my attorney says about it i am going to call all the local news channels in New York City from the shelter i am living in.

I think they would love this story. A 48 year old man that has worked all his life since he was 14 never asked for anything in his life worked for the city of New York For the last 14 years never been written up always was a good employee took all promotion test even have a commendation for working at ground zero on 9/11 gets injured on the job has all medical proof to back it up MRI EMG and is refused medical care, medicines, monetary benefits, and loses everything and has to live in a men's shelter. It would put the City Of New York, The IC the NYSWCB and My attorneys on the spot for sure not good publicity.

I would for sure mention this site. What a story that would make. Please don't give up, i won't and i no you won't. I feel the same way as you i am so dizzy from calling and calling people i have stacks of papers with peoples names every where but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I even walked into my state assemblyman's office and nothing. But i wont give up WE CAN'T if we do that means they win.
monster Wrote:Tony _ I'm so sorry to hear of this. Our cases seem to be much alike only I am on the 'other' coast. In California there are many doctors who will work on a 'lien' basis. I don't know NY laws but this is something you might want to check into or approach your attorney about. Also here there are pharmacies that will give you meds on a lien basis. There are in both cases some paperwork to be filled out but it is worth the effort. The doctors or pharmacies are not allowed to bill you and if they do it is illegal at least here in California (my understanding because I was accidentally sent a bill by one docs office and the office had a cow when they found out I had received a statement).

Please check into this and also any liability you might have for these charges in case things do not go as they should. In my case it has helped some for the steroid injections that did help my joints quite a bit. I can no longer take pain meds of any kind so I am screwed on that point.

I hope this will help. Please check into, it all they can do is say no.

Thanks monster i will look into that for sure. Yea i guess this w/c night mare is coast to coast and everywhere in-between
I went through a very similar situation. Had appointment scheduled for injection and canceled at last minute because IC sent to UR and it was denied. Fortunately for me the Doctor was well versed on the dance and had provided me with enough medications prior. His office appealed the denial and eventually it did get approved. Took a couple of months. In my case I was becoming depressed over the situation and my PTP referred me for psychiatric care. I am in California and interestingly I received approval for both almost simultaneously. Hang in there and pursue treatment for depression because of the pain and continuous denial of treatment if need be.
I agree that it is not always the C/A's fault for the hold ups. In my situation it has sometimes been the doctor's office. The deadline clock doesn't start ticking until the doctor submits the request. Then, the C/A usually sends the request to U/R, and MANY times U/R needs more information from the doctor so the request is faxed back, and the deadline is extended. Once the doctor sends back the additional information, the C/A sends it back to U/R. There it is either accepted or denied, and given back to the C/A to handle. This is all done to "control" costs because if the doctor was presumed correct and went ahead with the procedure, it would cost the I/C money. Huh? Doesn't make a lot of sense and the monetary costs are INCREASED, not decreased. All the while, the I/W is sitting on the sidelines waiting for the next move. It's all a game and it sucks!

From what I've read, it's common for meds to be delayed or cut off completely. I am one of the lucky ones who still has insurance outside of W/C. My W/C doctors put me on so many meds that I had trouble keeping track. Then my PTP dropped me, and because of that, my C/A decided he wasn't going to authorize a new PTP or any medical, including meds, until after my med/legal appt report was received. That was in August. Now it is November. I just retained an attorney and had my medical restored by the WCJ, but in the meantime, while my C/A decided I needed need medical care, my private insurance picked up my follow up appts with regular doctor who graciously agreed to take care of my W/C meds because of their stupidity. My Psychologist is treating me on a lien basis.

I still have a job, on paper anyway, but have not received any TTD for 7 months.

Sorry I started rambling here Tony. I don't know what to say to you. It seems like we are all in the same boat. I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. Keep the faith! As I always tell my C/A, the truth will prevail!

Good news though, since my medical was restored, I found a new PTP and will start seeing him next week.
Let Go, and Let God......
Crabby & Tony - don't you two dare give up, I'm racking my brain trying to think of some way to help you guys hold onto your homes.

Tony I started a thread about info for Illinois. AQA posted something about Citibank and mortgages. Please go take a look and see if it is something that might help you okay?

Geez, is there someway to host a fundraiser on a computer????
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

I'll do some searching as well. Tomorrow I have a funeral and then a medical appt., so it won't be until evening that I'll be back here. There has to be something that can be done!!!!!!!
Let Go, and Let God......
im just reading this and remember that woman karyn who had credit card debt and everyone donated to her maybe something along those lines could be set up for you guys? i mean its worth a shot no...i would hate to see somene loose there home and everything else because of workmans comp

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