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Work Hardening is OVER!!

Pension is completely separate from SSDI and it is very hard go get, but possible in certain situation, like yours. Voc Counselor knows about this and don't let them push you into some crazy job. They tried to push me into a two-four year college and I was supposed to pay difference after the $5000.00 allowable. Two counselor finally gave my case to the owner of the firm, who was about my age and knew how hard it is the job market for our age group even if you are not injured. She had lots of experience with workman's comp issues and told me, they have two funds for this pension. One is through employer and the other through the state? My lawyer knows about these funds and trying to go after it since the previous Voc Counselor strongly recommended this. I understand if you are lucky enough to get it, than there is no settlement. Pension is for life and if you get SSDI also, they take it out and you get the difference(I think 80% total).
My lawyer is not even interested in the settlement, she said that's peanuts comparing to pension.

Good Luck.
Lilly Sorry to read you are still being ran through the rat race. Something just has to come to a end for you and in a GOOD way for you and soon. How are they managing your pain...if you don't mind me asking. If you know what I am asking about...have you been to more pain management or anything....I think of you often wondering if you have learned any more of a diagnosis. Just wondering. Your roller coaster ride has to stop soon....so I would sure hope. Hope to hear an update....have a great day

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