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Bingo Words
Like my granddaughter always says......." Can we pretend?". I think even if we play games and do not give out REAL prizes would be fun also. Just like the trivia game we play daily, they give us fake fun stuff to buy. I wish there was a way we could put stuff like new cars, horses etc we can win if we play a game on here with the group of people. It is all in fun, and gets our minds off pain. It should not be that anyone is giving up money out of their pockets, especially when most of us are out of work and having to apply for SS etc etc. It has been very nice of you Red paying for gifts, taking your time to make them etc. , but the holidays are comming and we just make it fun to play and should not cost you money each time we do.

It is all in fun. Just an idea.
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You are truly a wealthy person. A person's wealth is not measured by monetary funds but by their friends and family that care for them. And from my stand point you are one of the wealthiest people around Smile Smile You have a lot of people that care for you. You also have a big heart when it comes to your friends. I am sure that many find it hard to put in words exactly what you mean to them, I know that I do, all I can say is that I love ya girl for who you are Smile and you are one heck of a person and I wish you lived here in okie - between you me and jayne, okie would never be the same ....... lol
i agree with you pooh and yes sparkey also its all for fun and something to keep our minds sharp -like mind could ever be
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Good Morning...all...thank you for all your kind replies. I just have to figure this out. You know... sparkey has a great idea when she referred to the games that we played on the trivia pursuit. I have to think about this..and it how it could work in terms of building up points with each game and then cashing them in and how if that would be more cost effective than the way I have been doing it and yet have some prizes with lots of games. Just let me give this some thought interms of putting together a program..... thanks pooh, I love you too.... Red
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i've been checking all bingo game thread you all made, it was so fun to read Smile
just new hope i could join if you have other games
There's nothing more precious than an innocent beautiful smile!
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Hi esaunders,
Nice to have you on the board and welcome to our home away from home. Great people on this board and very helpful. The BINGO games are always a blast. When we do play, everyone is welcome to join in the fun. The more the merrier. Red is the original founder of our BINGO games and she is so wonderful to all of us. I'm sure we will have another one day.

I am a cajun so here goes,

Cajun Hugssssssssssssss,
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