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I hope this helps
Thats my Buddy...he is doing so much better I am so damn proud of him
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

capricorn Wrote:

Imsickofit....Firts I have to say I agree with the group. You sound wonderful, although I know you're not, I can here the positive turn in your words. God bless you. I agree with all you have said, along with all the others.

Vickie.....Once I won my case each time a facility or Dr. called my adjuster to verify that my case was open and active she would tell them "No it's not" then they would deny me treatment. Attorney told me she has done nothing illegal as long as she doesn't refuse to pay my bills. Go figure.

I can't believe that...that just infuriates me more....they just have to keep rubbing it in...What a B&$@%......what goes around comes around...one day.....she'll get hers I'm sure....

Love and Prayers to all,

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