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Keep perspective

You really need to get your facts straight, someone posted a link i forgot the name but I think it was something link "it only gets worse" or something like that. Your friend is telling you only what has been told to them and that does not make it the truth, I have read where some people have waited so long for medical treatment that they commited suicide( that was a w/c state hearing on ins abuse of injuried workers) doesn't sound like fraud to me. Most people cost the i/c so much money because they refuse to get you proper treatment in a timely manner causing your injury to get worse. The i/c would rather spend a million dollars (with shady doctors lawyers pi's) and soforth then to treat that person who has been working for them for 20 plus years. In their eyes the only good employee is one that is not injuried once you are injuried you are thrown to the wolves. My only problem with being spied on is no matter how hurt you are your life goes on that means sometimes you have to wash your clothes go to the store pay your bill go to doctors appointment and yes even cut you grass. How can they tell if you are in pain or not do they really know what it takes to do those things or what that person has to do to do them or even how many pain killers they had to take just to do normal things in life? I agree fraud has made it bad for all of us, but this is AMERICA where you are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. I almost lost my home not once not twice but 3 times because I was injuried and later had to have surgery then they refused to pay me anything. So please don't tell me how the i/c is the poor victim. Why don't you read Limbo's story and then come back and post or even Cap,Pooh, Vicknat Bummer, badboy and poor Tony who may be homeless in the next couple of weeks and so on the list is to long to list Consider yourself as blessed and accept that for what it's worth, but please don't let anyone convince you that most people on here have gotten a ton of money and moved on. Most come here out of desperation because they are lost confused and have no clue as what to do to put food on their tables or pay their rent or get medical care. This is not just a fourm for bleeding hearts and people feeling sorry for themselves this is a place where people who have a lot in common (injuries) and they desperatly need some answers and help. You are speaking for the wrong team sweetie!

Obviously Pd....you've never experienced the WC/IC deliberately with-holding your pain meds in attempt to get you to accept their crappy settlement offer....or had them deny you treatment for an injury that happened last year (while it continues to worsen)! Or deny you the right & your dignity to keep your home, car, meds, groceries, clothing, monthly bills etc.
Me thinks your buddie's attitude sucks.....and Im not too fond of yours either!
I have a question though....what may I ask is your obvious injury?
Are you insinuating because your's (injury) is obvious...the one's who are injured here, that are not obvious, are exaggerating their suffering and injury to receive great wealth? HA
Your perspective is twisted.
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
Pdworth2, anyone can sucessfully settled their case. The question would be, is the settlement worth their injury they obtained. Meaning in real life, is or was the money the correct amount to begin with. That is something not one sole would really ever know. For the amount could vary in such wide directions, either low, or high, how would one know if the amount was correct. Then if there are issues of possible future medical concerns, will those also be addressed, or just so called blown off by adding a few more bucks to such settlement. Many people having issues with money and paying their bills, will most likely just say the heck with it, and settle for anything, so they can just catch up on their bills, and be left with little in the end. Many injured workers that settle, will be broke in a 5 year time span. That percentage is high also.

When you ask has anyone had a good outcome. Yes, there have been some that where here that had no problems at all and settled. They were happy with everything, and yes they moved on. That amount of people is very low though. We have also ask those that had good outcomes, to please return from time to time, and kindly update us. Some of them have done just that also. But to find them, you may have to go through thousands of Threads to find them, and also go back into the old Archives, but there are in there somewhere.

Then a injury may have a life altering to ones body for life. How do I or anyone put a dollar amount on that? You can't. Your correct, not one sole will get rich from Work Comp settlements. Never that I seen neither.

Fraud in Work Comp, is about 1%. Mordern Medical can almost now a days even prove that to some extent. But there are always some that Medical still can't prove what is causing the problems people have also.

Now when it comes to PI's, I could care less about that neither, for I have nothing to hide. But in my book, if the IC wishes to pay PI's, then why not have them taping me at each doctor's visit, each PT session, and every IME, QME, or AME we are sent too. This would end many uncalled for Depostions then. Tapes never allowed to be edited neither. That myself, I would welcome with open arms, for then, the real Fraud will be shown, when one is sent to the IC's Doctor, spends 5 minutes with them, and the tape being that long, and that doctor states they spent 20 minutes to an hour or so with such person.

But there are so many what (IF's) in the Work Comp system that can happen at any given time. It's just, that it will be to late for the injured worker when it does take place, for then it may take endless months before it gets straightened out. Example, my co-worker, went 3 years of appeals and such, before he collected one cent, or any medical treatment. Then he collect his back owed pay, and obtained his needed medical and surgery. After a short period was said he couldn't advance, and again was cut off. Like I said, one never knows what If this or that will be next till it happens.

Oh, I'm also sorry for any Mis-spelled words, for (What If I had the Sensory Nerve in My arm Working) things would be different then.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
BAdboy you are great amen to that
Pdworth2, also, from what I have read in your statements, I would find your friend so wrong in the issue of (FRAUD) Stating that some injured may act out in a way of things being much worse then they really are. Well, trust me, that's not fraud if they do have an injury, and trust me, a good Doctor will be able to prove these facts by means of FCE's, Range of Motion and so on.

Fraud is stating you can't do this, or can't do that, but yet the Treating Doctor then agree's. The person settles and then is taped doing all the things they say they couldn't do. But see, that's ok, for the IC will bring them back to Court for Fraud and obtain much of their funds back, even taking over their homes, cars, trucks whatever. Fraud is being injured at home, and trying to say it happened at work. But what fool would want to be on Work Comp. I surely wouldn't want to be. Those people get caught to.

But when one is injured, and the W/C rules and laws state, each person injured on the job, is allowed reasonable Medical Care, try and answer why many don't get that. Or why many are living in pain with no medication or relief insite.

I can write 100 stories to ever 1 story you friend could provide. Trust me, there all here, and for the reading also. These people were not found and sent here, they all found this place looking for some kind of help. You were sent here.

Some people handle pain well, when others can't. Not everyone is the same....
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
And if I were a PI, I would simple start by going to the web link below, and know a whole lot of the person before I started. See the example in the web link. many might be surprised what a few bucks will give you.

Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
I would rather like to know why when the PI follows someone for the IC and finds out that the injury is for real the IC doesn't turn those video tapes over to our attorneys? Instead we still have to fight for medical treatment and medications because they feel they don't want to pay out on a big claim.

Heck there was days I would rather have them help me carry in groceries instead of them sitting in their car across the street watching me do it but oh well - my case is done and over with - went to court and I won part and they got a partial victory not because I couldn't prove the injury but because of the on going injury to the initial injury which under the state law considered it repetitive from the date of the first injury and not a reinjury to the shoulder - not sure how the commissioner got that one - but oh well. Anyway it wasn't worth appealing when I knew I could get treatment under my health care and better treatment than I could under wc.

So yes some of us do settle or go to court and get our case approved and the IC loses. But it is the fact we have to fight for what is considered "no fault" an injury at work and you have to prove that your injured at work.
It's all about MONEY, period!

Your I/C will play nicey nice with you UNTIL you become a liability and go beyond the standard allowance for your particular injury.

I was like you, believing my case was going to be the "ONE" that made it thru the system without much of a hitch, but believe me the tables turn and then you are blindsided by the "horns" coming out of your C/A's head. It's a business to them so you are kidding yourself if you think they "Like" you.

Furthermore, if you feel that compelled to post good news, then feel free to do it. It is always a pleasure to hear of a happy outcome. But don't judge those you don't know. We wouldn't be here in the first place if the system was working for us. It's a corrupt system, not a "no fault" system as you say. All the fault is put on the injured worker and we are left to fight an uphill battle against huge corporations and politicians who are owned by the I/C's.

Maybe you should start your own tread and invite anyone with a success story to write about it. That would be very encouraging, if anyone responds. The "bandaid" cases never need a place to ask questions or share information so they usually don't come here until they need help.

Take care, and I wish you continued success with WC.
Let Go, and Let God......
Pooh, I love your post. I subscribe to a C/A newsletter and recently read a blog from C/A's that were discussing subrosa. They said the IW's just don't understand that we follow them for their own good. They continued to say that PI work proves many cases valid, and not the opposite. C/A's consider themselves the lowest on the totem pole, below the I/W's.

If a subrosa tape has ever helped anyone win their case, I would love to hear about it. NON EXISTANT!!!!!

There are good C/A's, but very few.
Let Go, and Let God......
I agree. It is all about money. From their standpoint and they could care less about how servere someone is injured. They just don't want to pay for it. I know from my own experience since early May there had only been 2 people that actually represent the company have even cared enough to call or come by my house to even see if I was even alive. Now you can bet if they come anywhere near my place it will be to find something to use against me. When I tell some one that I have hypersensitivity pneumonitis and occupational asthma they go Huh?? What is that? You look OK. Then the I/C wants to make you out as being a liar. They were not the ones that endured multiple pneumonias or could not lie in bed with there own wife for weeks because of the coughing fits or the pain from pleuritis that accompanies chemical pneumonia or the coughing up blood for weeks and wondering when I would get it again once it cleared up. That is a little bonus you get with it that it recurs even without exposure again for a period of time. Now after there actually has been a diagnosis of what is wrong with me they want to put me back in to the same environment to see if I'll get sick again. What? Am I some kind of lab rat? All of this is already documented x-rays, ct scans, doctor reports and at the last time I checked about 30 different prescriptions for infections and pain, not to mention the inhalers I use daily. I was really pretty healthy for a long time and it has been taken away from me because I went to work and did my job. Bitter? Damn right I am bitter. I'm not real sure if I belong on this web site or not because my injuries are different from most that I have seen on here. I sometimes wonder if I would be better off with a broken bone instead off broken lungs. At least that would be something that could be seen. Sorry for the rambling on but it is kinda hard to stop once I get started.I do not imply that my injuries are worse than any one's on this site. They are just different.
Nothing changes when nothing changes

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