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calculating pay
When WC is calculating how much you get paid. Do they calculate with vacation and holiday pay or do they deduct it?
backache in PA
Backache...In my case they used quarters so it didn't matter about vacation. They took an average of 3 quarters and I have to say all 3 of my WC claims that I've been paid on were done the same way and were all accurate. Vacation/sick/personal time doesn't come into play unless they deny your case and you use your own time to get paid while the claim is being fought in court.

Vacation Pay does not come into Bearing with Your Calculations. Although, if you Should Pull Your Vacation Pay while You are receiving TTD, You must let w/c know You received that Income, and it will be Deducted from Your TTD Check. So if You could Hold Off from taking it in Hopes You get Better, I would. Best of Luck, and Have a Great Day!!Wink
Does anyone know if they take into consideration the raises you would have gotten, when they determin the settlment amount. I have family who has been working at the same co. and so we have the info. as to how much the pay went up ea. year. My guess is that it probably doesn't count.
In Pa., they don't allow for Pain and Suffering, loss of Consortium, Future COLA Increases, or Pay raises. I'm not sure how they are in Virginia, but Pa. seems to calculate all Settlements based upon the Time You were Injured, and Your Pay Scale then. Best of luck, I Hope it's Better for you!!Wink

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