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To My Forum Family
Morning Y'all
I made it through the surgery just fine, and am home recovering quite nicely. I think that is due to the meds ~LOL~. Dr has me on 10/500 mg x2 of vicodin every 4 to 6 hours as well as 75 mgs of lyrica every 12 hours so that is really helping with the pain.

My BF set up a little table under the computer with a pillow on it for me to prop my foot up on as directed by the Dr so that I can come in and talk to y'all when I am not to ditzy from the meds.

KS, I have played todays trivia game already, so let's see ya beat me now ~LOL~ !!!!

It sure feels good to be home. Not only in my real home, but here at my forum home. Thank you all for your prayers. I have story to tell you about my adventures yesterday, but it is much to long for me to try and type at the moment. I think that y'all will get a good laff out of it. I will post it later.

Hope y'all have a pain free, or as much of a pain free day as you can.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
Angel, Glad your sugery went well and you are back and not in to much pain..I have been saying prayers for you..MEL
Angel, I think those drugs are helping your trivia. You really beat me. I missed one and didn't go near as fast as I should have. Good job!
I am so glad that your surgery went well. Are you planning on a nap today?
A nap ????? ~LOL~ I plan on several. I didn't sleep good last night, so sleeping is the order of the day. I have a few more things to do here on the puter, and then it is back to bed for me. ~S~. Especially since I just took my meds about half an hour ago and they are starting to kick in.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
Sleep well. I thought about calling you, but I might wait til tomorrow or the next day so you can get some rest.
Angel, Glad you came through surgery with flying colors, Now rest and recover, My thoughts are with you. Take care.
Angel, I am so happy that you are home safe and sound. My thoughts and prayers are with you...love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Wonderful news Angel. Thank you for keeping us updated. Now you take care and relax.
Under The Cover Tongue

I hope all goes well with the surgery now. Please keep us informed. Cool
It's so good to hear that the surgery went ok, and your not in much pain. Get your rest and keep us posted.

Take care

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