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Want To Sponser a Game Either Bingo or A Guessing Number game!!!
Ok everyone after reds last bingo game..that i enjoyed so very much and looked forward to it everyday..I spoke with her and said I would like to sponsor the next game/......Here is my idea and i would like to take a vote on it and see what everyone thinks..I was thinking of either doing Bingo Like red did and picking words Or have a Guessing number game or maybe a riddle..BUt i think bingo would be fun..There would be 5 winners like red had and the prizes would be gift cards ...you can choose from the following list if you win....1.macys.2.Khols.3.Bed Bath&Beyond.4.Linens and Things.5.Petco.6.Petsmart.7.Olive Garden/Red Lobster.8.Chili's.9.Shell Gas station.10.Exxon.11.Stop and shop.12.Walmart.13.ShopRite.15.A&P Supermarket.16.CVS.17.Eckerd Drug Store.18.Foodtown.19. Pizza HUt.20. Hess Gas Station.21.Modells Sporting Goods.....22.Sears dept store..23.Radio Shack.24.Friendlys..25.Atlanta Bread Company/Panera Bread Company.26.Kmart.27.Target...OK so i think that covers the list...The 1st place winner will recieve a $20 gift card to there choice.2ndplace $15. 3rd place 10..4&5th place $5 ..Let me know if this sounds good to everyone i cant wait..MEL
Mel - yes girl it sounds like fun, but that adds up to alot of money and I tend to worry about people parting with their money these days because...well because I won't go there...

I love the bingo games, I think they are much more fun then when I just had people picking numbers, that was boringggggg, LOL.

All I ask is that you not do something that will make you go without. Your money is not my business, I just don't want to see anyone do something that will cut into their bill or grocery money, Okay???

love ya,
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

MOnster on bingo its is then...No actually the gift cards i will be using is from a website i am subspriced to and you earn them ..I have about 180,000 points which is worth about 200 dollers in gift cards so i would like to share with everyone..I also get free gift card rewards from my credit card LOL so no i will not go without i just thought it would be fun and would also be free shipping on a stamp so i would save cost there..I am not an artist and couldnt think of any other prizes i am glad you like the idea i thought it was fun.. MEL
And if anyone has a good suggestion on words we should use let me know..OR any other idea for bingo..I will use reds rules with the 15 words or maybe 20 to spread it out more..What does everyone think?? Let me know any suggestions MEL
Hello, it's me again Smile Did you miss me in the last five minutes, LOL...am about to go to bed so you guys don't have to put up with me much longer tonight Smile

How about animals:

giraffe (for Jerri giraffe Smile )

of course there are many things...we could do states or capitals or presidents or all kinds of things. These are just suggestions hopefully someone else besides this pest of a monster will come along soon Smile

I just thought of something...if there are enough of us we could also use our nicknames...that would be funny but probably confusing, LOL
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile

mel, I think this is a wonderful idea. I would suggest that you go only with 15 words from a list of 40 and then draw three a day. Other wise the games starts to drag out too long... toward the end everyone starts to become fatigue and bored with it I think...but move toward that finish line. Let me know if there is anything that you need me to do. I have always had everyone send their words to someone other than the one drawing so there is no chance of bias. Just a thought ok. If you want the words sent to me, I love to monitor the words for everyone, or I will just play this time around. Also the gift cards are a great idea.

In terms of words, I liked monster's idea of the animals, or entertainment, or sports, or W/C, or any other group of ideas. The first one I did was computer stuff.. I can't even remember what alexia game was and then Springs game was the candle scents...you could use department stores from where the gift cards can come from...just some ideas...good luck..we will have fun...love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Mel ok so do you belong to treasure troopers ??? doing surveys ?? My daughter does that and yes she has gotten alot of gift cards that way lol
Monster: Very good suggestion i am going to do the animals I THINK..

RED: If you or anyone else wants to have the words sent to you that would help .Its up to you.

Tweety: Actually i belong to a few survery groups, And another site that you get points to reading things, And for trials and etc...I have beloged to this site for over 3 years and the gift cards alwasy come in handy around the holidays...

Ok all so anyone else have any suggestions..I figured We will start on Friday Maybe?

Mel Only reason I ask about that group is my daughter also does that ... Just wondering if its a small world ... always find someone you know ... no matter where you go .
yea its a great site anything is great when its freeSmile so i figured why not share with everyone

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