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Still looking for answers
Well here is some more info so that maybe I can get some more answers. When I was Injured my employer took care of all the workmans comp stuff. I went to the doctor and therapy and continued to go even after I was fired. But as I mentioned Becuase of family issues i stopped being able to go. About a month later I got a letter stating that they would no longer cover anything. Honestly I was niave, I thought great I am screwed, I have no insurance and now they wont help me. I guess I just gave up I had so much on my plate with the pain and a divorce. I realy dont know anything about the whole workmans comp or who was the carrier or anything. so now a year later the pain has become to much its interfering with my work and life. I dont know what to do to get help or if there is any at this point. I just need pointed in the right direction. How do I get my med records? Do I go to a lawyer? Do I call the Idaho Industrial com?
I am just tired of being in pain I need help and answers. Already you all have helped me so much, I no longer feel alone. I have other like me that undrstand the pain and frustration i feel. God bless you all for your support and help. Thank you.
NO Your not SCREWED. Get a WC Certified Lawyer,,,,and do it FAST.
On The Road to Recovery

Welcome to our family forum. This is a great place to be and people here have lots of knowledge.

I suggest you see a WC attorney .....ASAP. This does not mean that you are screwed.

As for your medical records, you can get them. Go to whatever place you had medical treatment, doctors, hospitals,etc. and request a copy. They are your records and you are entitled to them. Sometimes, they will charge you for the copy but I have never had that happen to me in 8 years. If you are in need of them for another doctor there should never be a charge for you to get them. I got into it with a former PM doc that was refusing to give me my records. I told her they were mine and I was not leaving without them. She threatened to have me escorted out of her office. I told her she better get the police if she planned on doing that. Did I leave that day with my records, yes I sure did. This was a doctor that was pissed at me because I caught her in a lie but this does not usually happen when requesting records. But believe me, they are your records and you are entitled to a copy.

I wish you luck and may God Bless You and take care!

Cajun Hugsssssssssssss,
Lumbar Laminectomy L5 - S1, Lumbar Disectomy L 4 -5, Cervical Microdisectomy C-4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 5 - 6, Lumbar Disectomy, Laminectomy and Foraminotmy L 3 - 4, Cryo Surgery Lumbar. --Ongoing Problems.. Permanently Totally Disabled.
Hi Katzdrm...

Here are some phone numbers you can call for Industrial Commission
Boise Idaho...1-800-950-2110
Twin Falls.....1-208-736-3053

They Industrial Commission helped me alot. If you are in need of Attorney and in southern Idaho let me know. I like my attorney real well.

Here is a link to the Industrial Commission.

Here is another link that will help you learn some about work comp
Find a cert. WC lawyer pronto....usually the first consultation is free. Call several lawyers .They are paid by the monies they recoup for you.
You are going to need a lawyer to help you through this mess.....you will only get screwed "IF" you try to do it yourself. WC/IC plays dirty. Very dirty.
Take care, LillySmile
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
Katz....forgot to tell you, steer clear of the TV advertised lawyers.
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
The Folks above have given You great info.! All I can add is Good luck, and I Hope you get the Help you Need!Wink

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