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Bacteria... Stop That Germ
Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites fill the air. They cluster on every surface, ... Stop That Germ

Spring cleaning is good, but why don't we clean after bringing all the summer Germs in. So lets all clean for the Fall, and protect our winter months.

Antibacterial; Soaps, clothes, to clean with, but aren't always the best uses, sometimes needs added cleaners such as Bleach, Vinegar, Alcohol, or Peroxide. Can be made and put in spray bottles.

Antiseptics; Mouth wash mostly is; For open cuts, wounds, Acne, and to kill body germs in general.

Sponges and sinks and rags, oh my!

Sanitizing rinse of dilute bleach; For Pots, Pans, and Dishware.

Antibiotics may kill bad bacteria, but may also kill good bacteria; Eat yogourt, to replenish good bacteria; http://www.usprobiotics.org/news/healing_power.htm

Oregano oil; http://www.kerlaw.ca/p10000138.html

Vinegar; Uses for Laundry, Clean Home air, clean counters, Hair & Body, and a full list in web link below.

Rubbing Alcohol; Ceans the Body, sinks, counters, cuts, and whatever.

Hydrogen Peroxide; Can use as a washing agent in tubs to clean the body, also can be used with Baking Soda in the tub, shower afterwards. Cleans windows, Use when washing clothes, and mostly white clothes will be whiter.

Bleach; Use to clean toilets, sinks, dishes, pots, pans, counter tops, drains, floors, tiled walls, clothes, home air when used in spray bottles.

Baking Soda; Cleans Drains when used with Vinegar, Use to soak in tub with, shower after. Use with Hydrogen Peroxide to Brush teeth and gums with, also helps to whiten teeth, and kill germs in the mouth.

Petroleum Jelly; Many uses, so web link provided;








Add your remedies, and comments, all welcomed.....Big Grin
Very informative post. I know when I visited my daughter when her twins were born, we bought the hand sanitizer in the pump bottle and used it, since they hadn't any shots yet, and we didn't want to chance thier little systems.

Thanks for sharing such a good post.
Bad boy I copied the entire page for future use...great ideas....I unfortunately do not have any thing to add, but I will pass this along to as many as I can..thanks..
Well, one of my biggest points are this, almost everything used as a good cleaner for those germs, is really cheap, some even 2 for a buck or 3 for a buck. Many can be bought at the common Dollar store too.

Just another thought, that killing germs can be cheaper then what many think. And I think I just wanted people to know that the old things given to us in life, are still and sometimes the best things we could use.

I won't, and I mean it, won't use a Plastic Cutting Board. Sponges, are only used here for washing cars. I go around once a week, pour Baking Soda in all the drains then some vinegar, watch it foam to. Even the drains in the floor, I flush them with water for 5 minutes, then Baking soda and vinergar them also. Hey it gets them smeeling fresh also. Plus it helps to keep them from blocking up. Like a all in one cure and fix.
When doing dishs in the sink, I add a teaspoon of bleach to the water, Keeps the dishrag clean, sanitizes the dishs, cleans the stove, countertops etc. all at the same time. great ideas Bad Boy.
Ok bad boy I went out and got myself baking powder, vinegar and bleach....and I did all my drains in the house including the washer machine...and Tuffy I added the bleach to my dish pan...it smells very clean in here...tommarrow, I'll be doing more cleaning...good idea about fall cleaning...cuz it's gonna be closed up here for quite awhile and real soon...windows and mirrors tommarrow!!!
BAdboy thanks for those wonderfull remidies i copied and printed them out..I started my fall cleaning today and stocked up on bleach baking soda viniger and sanitizer ..
for those that do use sponges - you can nuke them for 10-15 seconds after you are done to get rid of any bacteria

To clean out your coffee pot that isn't running properly - put in 2 cups of vinegar in the pot and fill with water - then run through the coffee pot - this works great if you have one that has a reservoir that holds water for the next pot like a bunn coffee maker - let it set for 20 minutes then run a clean pot of water through it - let it set again for 20 minutes and repeat - not only does it clean out the pot so it is easy to clean but also gets out any build up off the heating elements. If you can let it set longer that is good - the final rinsing should be at least 3 or 4 clean pots of water through the coffee maker. If you do this once a month you shouldn't have a problem. Smile

Don't forget about cleaning out your furry family members dishes as well - bacteria can grow there.

For those cleaning windows - I always found newspapers with the vinegar water solution left a streak free shine on the windows - one way to recycle those newspapers that you get.

Murphy's oil soap still works better on wood that most dusting products as it really does add moisture back into the wood - this is especially important in the winter months when the dry air from the heat tends to dry out the furniture more. Not only does it clean but it also shines the furniture as it shines it up and adds what the woods needs back to it.

For those that have dusting to do but hate that it gets back on the floor while your doing it- and badboy will smack me for this suggestion I am sure - but those nice blue car detailing cloths - work wonders for picking up the dust and not getting it back on the floor! Big Grin So when dusting or even cleaning those ceiling fan blades that is what I use. When I am done - simply toss in the washer and they are able to be used again once they are washed and dried. (you can pick these up at your local dollar store as well)

When Ironing, I don't use starch - instead I have a bottle of water that I spray on clothes and Iron that way - just spray the water on the clothes and press - and yes this works with steam irons as well - but I prefer a dry iron myself - but each have to find their own way of doing it. I can still get the crisp fresh ironed look as if I starched the clothes with the pleats and all this way.
Try not to get rid of all germs......I have always felt over killing of germs is what made us so weak and unable to fight off these bugs.....I am one of those Moms who let my young ens play in the dirt and mud..... good ol Ivory soap,baking soda vinagar,bleach and water will kill most things.....course I am allergic to so many things I stick to basics.......I have also learned most creapy crawly Bugs cannot stand the smell of orange so am trying to use that to my advantage......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne, I couldn't agree more. For killing all isn't good, for the good ones sometimes take care of the bad ones for us.

Kids, well, yes, they play, and get dirty, and I always let them do so also, even all 7 of my grandchildern. Big Grin And I'm only 52 going on 53. Cool

But I think I too put this thread up, due to the information by Tuffy, and the Media about the Staff Infections (MRSA) that been becoming a major problem these past years, as such infections have been increasing. As for me, I did tell all my Daughter has (MRSA), and she does live with us here. So I explained to her, clean her clothes, bed, sheets and all should all be cleaned and hot dried by themself, and not with others clothes. And then I told her to clean the shower and tub after she uses it. We soak tooth brushes in Hydrogen Peroxide when not in use, and also wipe the whole brush down, then we rinse them in hot water before we use them. Now she went to the Doctor Sat. and they gave her this medication, it is to wiped on the inside of her nose, and on the wound left from the MRSA Infection.

Ivory dishwash soap, is one of the best wash products on the market to date. In fact, it is in Medical Jounals the we should was out our wounds, scraps, cuts, and even ourself with it.

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