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Pisiform Excision
I'm an 18 yr. old girl from Pennsylvania and started working in a grocery store at the age of 16. I heard that I needed a work permitt issued by my school, but my employer said I didn't need one.. therefore I never got one. On August 9th of '06 I was injured at work and it resulted in a bone being removed from my wrist. Although I was hurt 8/9/06, it took their doctors until 7/12/07 to do surgery on my wrist. Before hand, they put me in several cast (moreless saying, we dont know what to do with you yet) and received injections as well. Workers comp paid me when I was off of work, but it seems that I have to find things out for myself in order for them to pay me anything. For instance, I went back to light duty for a while and found out that they were to make up 2/3 of my paycheck. I had to mention this or else they wouldnt have paid me at all. I recently read Pennsylvania's Child Labor law and seen that it said if you are a minor and hurt at work, the employer pays 50% additional compensation. My employer says no, yet I was 17 when I got hurt there and illegally employed. What do I do? Am I entitled to anything? They removed my pisiform bone and I still have problems!
get a WC lawyer now............... a good one not a talking head fron the TV...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I have Pm'd you with the info about the PA lawyer who answers questions on the forum for us. It wouldn't hurt to check out a free consultation. There is also a place at the top of this page called "info by state", you may want to read this and get some info on the rules and regulations.

Also please go and put your state in your profile page, for future post. Alot of people don't see the very first post where you have your state listed. When it's in your profile it makes it easier to help you.

Take care
It sounds as if you have been through quite a bit already. I would also suggest that you and your parents speak with an attorney. You probably shouldn't trust your employer. They tend to do things so that they get off better than their employees. I do wish you the best and hope you will keep us informed.
Welcome to the Boards lil!! I'm from Pa. also, and I agree with the others, it's Lawyer Time!! You and Your Parents may also want to check into the Child Labor Laws, and see an Attorney about that also! If this Employer is going to not want to be nice or participate with You, they need to be set straight on the way they Hire!! Best of Luck, and I Hope things turn around for You!!Wink

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