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What's really going on????
Hello again , I recently received my ime report and the ime seemed somewhat fair but there were a couple of negatives like "embellishment" and "morbid obesity" one there's no need to lie or exaggerate and second I explained to him I gained this weight sitting at home due to the injury. Well towards the end of the report the Dr. Xxx says that surgery was needed if the emg and ncv test he suggested were in fact positive for radiculopathy from the central disc herniation I sustain during the work related injury. I was also diagnosed with moderate to severe stenosis in my lumbar l4-l5 . I've had esi shots n physical therapy none of it work mind you no record of any injury what so ever yet even after MRI readings of stenosis n central disc herniation n various other complications they are still pushing the ideology that I'm lying! Wow no surgery no hospital visits no prior injuries? Really? So I've been waiting for the IC to respond ? , I had exam on 20th of December 19' got my copy 31st of January 20' and now its Feb 15th 20' no response. Mind you the IC ordered the ime yet nothing. What could be the hold up concerning the ime Dr. Report???
2 weeks to you is like a day in a large insurance operation. It may take a month to get the report to their atty and a response back. They are not in a hurry even though you are.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Absolutely my Lawyer was shocked when he found out I had the report myself??‍♂️ been told iw don't normally get their ime report directly from ime. But whats yours thoughts on it if my lawyer has a copy since 31st of January and no response? Could it be possible they want to settle??

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