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W/C in Ca. Do not know what I can do???
Thanks. I send my mileage to my attorney. I never get reimbursed. It is about 60 miles each way. I currently have a grievance pending against Kaiser with California Managed Health Care. I do not expect much as it is the State of California. I pay for my meds and was contemplating another MRI. Problem is, who do I show it to that can both read it and give me advice. I am simply sick of being in pain all the time. Another thing about W/C is it seems the system is fine with treating adults like children and the sole folks who get treated like adults are the lawyers and adjusters. It is ridiculous. I used to make decisions that had long term effects for those I made them for. Now, I can't seem to make an attorney or any of the involved parties understand how unethical their behavior is. Taking injured workers and walking away from treatment should be illegal in America. I can guarantee that it is not only legal, but acceptable. Ridiculous! Thanks again.

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RE: W/C in Ca. Do not know what I can do??? - Heater963 - 12-14-2019, 10:00 AM

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